Frost Mitigation

Frost Mitigation

The Problem

Helping Growers Effectively Fight Spring FrostDeciduous trees and wine vineyards are naturally resistant to winter frost. However, once spring comes around, when budding and flowering commence, they become vulnerable to frost when temperatures drop below zero. This, in turn, leads to poor yield quality and yield delays for both leaf/fruit and tree/vine in the short term.

The Solution

Irrigation, primarily via sprinklers, has proven to be the most reliable and cost-effective method to reduce, or mitigate, frost. Successful implementation of irrigation systems can mean the difference between complete loss of crop and minimal damage.

The Offering

Suitable for all applications, soils, climates and growing cultures across the globe, Netafim's frost-mitigation offering includes a range of products as well as end-to-end professional assistance, training and support.

The Products

Leveraging the company's global experience and technological expertise in drip and micro-irrigation, Netafim offers a wide range of sprinklers, micro-emitters and controllers to reduce frost effectively.




  • Frostie: Frost-mitigation controller

The Benefits

  • Improved water-usage efficiency
  • Greater water savings
  • More extensive irrigation coverage using same water quantity
  • Lower infrastructure cost possibilities
  • User-friendly and easy-to-maintain products
  • Field-proven offering
  • Cost-effective solutions

The Advantages

Netafim's cost-efficient, field-proven emitters/sprinklers, pipes, pumps and filters are built in-house with innovative technology, while meeting the highest quality standards.

An expert in diverse crops, climates, soils and growing cultures, Netafim leverages leading technological, engineering, hydraulics and agronomic know-how for sustainable productivity – growing more with less.

Netafim has accumulated years of experience implementing customized frost-mitigation solutions in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Netafim offers end-to-end project services that leverage local resources and personnel with strong global backing.

Always at the cutting edge of technology, Netafim has developed water-efficient technologies that play a key role in its frost-mitigation offering.

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