Netafim Launches Next-Generation Low-Flow Drippers

April 26, 2015

Netafim, the global leader in irrigation, announced today the launch of its next-generation low-flow drippers. Bolstering the Company’s position as the drip industry’s pioneer and innovative frontrunner, the new line represents the cutting edge in drip irrigation technology. Featuring a new design to boost yields under harsh water conditions, the drippers are the latest addition to Netafim’s range of smart irrigation solutions that fight food scarcity across the globe.

Launched at Agritech Israel 2015 to kick off Netafim’s 50th-anniversary celebrations, the new dripper line is anchored by the fifth generation of the Company’s breakthrough design, initially developed in 1970. Combining a wider, shorter and deeper labyrinth water passage with a larger filtering area, the next-gen drippers handle flow rates as low as 0.4 l/h with superb clogging resistance. The new line is highly durable and works effectively for multiple years regardless of water quality, including harsh water.

Irrigating at lower flow rates and higher flow uniformity than comparative offerings, the next-gen drippers give growers greater control and peace of mind by delivering consistent and high yields. The new line drastically reduces the investment required for new system installation, and cuts labor costs by irrigating large plots while minimizing in-field shifting to further enhance grower profitability.

The first of Netafim’s next-gen drippers is Aries™, handling flow rates of 0.5 l/h-4.0 l/h. The Company will soon release the second member of the new dripper line, Orion™, which is set to break even greater barriers in clogging resistance, durability and operational efficiency.

“With the world population expected to grow rapidly over the next few decades, there is a need to significantly increase food production,” said Netafim CEO Ran Maidan. “Our next-generation low-flow drippers are part of the global effort to fight food scarcity. Improving crop yields regardless of water quality while lowering dependence on water and other resources, the new line is helping us revolutionize irrigation, shape the future of agriculture, and make the world a more sustainable place.”

Netafim at Agritech Israel 2015
Netafim is kicking off its 50-year anniversary at Agritech Israel 2015. Based on the theme “50 Years of Shaping the Future with Smart Irrigation Solutions,” Netafim’s presence at Agritech includes holding a panel session entitled “The Power of National-Scale Investment in Agriculture.” Israel’s Minister of Agriculture and Netafim CEO Ran Maidan will address the session, while several European agricultural ministers will serve as panelists. The head of a water company in the South Indian state of Karnataka will also present a case study on the world’s largest micro-irrigation project in which Netafim is participating.

Anchored by a huge field-crop wall irrigated by Netafim’s smart drip solutions, the Company’s booth will be the site of several daily 10-minute talks delivered by company experts. Some two dozen high-level delegations from China, India and other countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe will be hosted at the booth’s meeting rooms.

During the exhibition, Netafim, a gold sponsor of Agritech, is offering organized field tours and delegation visits to its three Israeli plants at Kibbutz Hatzerim, Kibbutz Magal and Kibbutz Yiftach. In addition, several Netafim personnel will participate in AGRIthon, a creative workshop for developing innovative smallholder solutions being held in parallel to Agritech.

Agritech visitors can find out more about Netafim, including its next-gen dripper line, by visiting the Company at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center in Tel Aviv, Hall 1, Booth #30, on April 28-30, between 10:00-18:00. 

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