For under tree irrigation and shade/net houses.

For vegetables and open field crops, open field nurseries, crops germination, frost mitigation, cooling fruit orchards and roof dust cleaning.

Benefits and Features:

  • Ensures high and uniform yield
  • The MegaNet™ has symmetric structure that allows the water split to two equal water jets, that contribute to a balanced sprinkler, providing very high water distribution uniformity.
  • Increased germination percentage
  • Thanks to the gentle water jet, and relatively small drops near the ground, the MegaNet™ does not groove the soil along the whole irrigation event (including startup and shut off), which prevents from the seed to be exposed out of the soil.
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • The MegaNet™ has a popup mechanism and it opened only during irrigation, this mechanism protects the nozzle and protect the sprinkler›s moving parts, by preventing insects and dirt particles to get inside the sprinkler.
  • Each MegaNet™ sprinkler has an integral filter that ensures clean water inside the nozzle. In addition, this filter can be easily cleaned if needed.
  • Extended product life achieved by superior raw material composition resistant the chemicals, fertilizers, and sun exposure.


  • 7 different nominal flow rates: 200, 250, 350, 450, 550, 650, 750 l/h.
  • Nominal flow rates at 2.3 bar pressure.
  • Recommended working pressure: 2.0 to 3.0 bar (at the sprinkler head).
  • Recommended filtration: 400 micron / 40 mesh.
  • Filtration method is to be selected based on the kind and concentration of the dirt particles existing in the water. Wherever sand exceeding 2 ppm exists in the water, a Hydrocyclone is to be installed before the main filter.
  • When sand/ silt/ clay solids exceed 100 ppm, pre treatment will be applied according to Netafim™ expert team's instructions.
  • Can be installed on solid sets or in removable field stands.
  • Made of UV-protected materials, durable to all climate conditions and nutrients injected in agricultural applications.
  • Water trajectory: 15 degrees
  • Inlet connector:
  • 1/2" Threaded inlet connector
  • 20 MM ISO inlet connector (to be glued to PVC)
  • 1/2" ASTM inlet connector (to be glued to PVC)
  • Code colored locking pins and caps for easy identification.
  • 2 balanced water jets.
  • Individual filter in each sprinkler.
  • MegaNet™ sprinklers meet ISO 8026 standards (SI 1406) with production certified by the Israel Standards Institute (SII).


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