UniRam™ HCNL

Ideal for pulse irrigation of greenhouses, soilless cultures, and orchards with steep terrain where high shut-off pressure is required

Featuring a unique high-pressure Non-Leakage (HCNL) mechanism, UniRam™ HCNL integral pressure compensated, self-cleaning dripperline enable precise irrigation in high-gradient topography - assuring uniform yields year after year.

  • Prevents surplus water in low areas and eliminates system filling and draining times even in areas with steep slopes
  • Enables mixing and circulation of water and fertilisers in system prior to irrigation start

Crop type

  • Orchards
  • Protected crops

Expected Product Lifespan

  • 10 years and more


  • Flat Topography
  • Hilly Topography

Dripper Type

  • Integral

Pressure Compensation

  • PC

dripperline wall-thickness

  • Heavy wall

Dripper special features

  • Anti Drain (CNL)


  • SDI (subsurface drip irrigation)
  • On surface

Why UniRam™ HCNL?

  • Strong Non-leakage: HCNL mechanism lets you install non-leakage systems in areas with steep slopes, where high shut-off pressure is required - avoiding flooding of the lower parts of your field
  • Better water and nutrient preparation: HCNL mechanism allows water and fertilizers to mix and circulate in the system prior to irrigation.
  • Anti-clogging protection: Anti-Siphon mechanism prevents suction of dirt and contaminants into the dripline during system draining - eliminating the risk of clogging or partial clogging.



  • Variety of flow rates: 5 different flow rates (0.85, 1.25, 2.0, 2.9, 4.4 L/H) can address any condition or application
  • HCNL range: 1.5 - 4.0 bar
  • Wide range of pipe diameters: 16.0 - 23.0 mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm
  • Superb UV and chemical resistance

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