The Operating System for Precision Irrigation

GrowSphere™ OS makes it easy to operate your irrigation and fertigation for the best results.


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​The OS that makes precision irrigation foolproof

We get it. Managing irrigation and fertigation for multiple plots, in changing weather, soil and crop conditions, can be complicated, and time consuming.

And, with human and hydraulic errors, over or under-irrigating is always a risk. That’s why we created GrowSphere™ the first operating system (OS) for precision irrigation. A simple, intuitive and visual work tool that helps you plan and execute your irrigation plans with greater reliability, transparency, and less effort.

What can you gain with GrowSphere™ OS?

More Value Per Hectare

  • Ensure consistent, quality yields
  • Prevent crop damage from under/over irrigation or fertigation
  • Minimize growing costs

Peace Of Mind

  • Instant visibility of irrigation status
  • Prevent non-logical hydraulic commands
  • Issue management
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Traceability & Sustainability
Optimize Resource Usage

Optimize Resource Usage

  • Energy, Water, Fertilizers and Labor
Simplify Operations

Simplify Operations

  • Single-view dashboard
  • Easy automation
  • Speaks your language
  • Offline or remote control
  • Add features as you grow
Peace Of Mind

Peace Of Mind

  • Instant visibility of irrigation status
  • Prevent non-logical hydraulic commands
  • Issue management

Control your irrigation and fertigation systems – from anywhere.

Crop Advisor

Enhance your irrigation plans with recommendations tailored to crop stage.

Alert Notifications

Get timely alerts about irrigation or system maintenance issues.


Generate reports to support traceability and track crop performance from season to season.


Monitor soil, weather, crop, and irrigation status with real-time updates from your fields.

100% certainty your crops are getting the irrigation and fertigation you planned.

Whether you simply want to remotely control (and validate) valve open/closing, monitor the irrigation status of your fields in real-time, get timely alerts about irrigation or system management issues or generate monthly reports to keep on top of things. With GrowSphere, you have total reassurance you’re getting the right irrigation and fertigation, done right.

Everything works nicely together.

The GrowSphere OS seamlessly connects your controller, to your sensors, to the Cloud, to your smartphone. One robust system, that speaks the language of simple reliability.

Dynamic Crop Models™

Netafim’s Dynamic Crop Models™, part of the NetBeat™ offering, is a groundbreaking decision support system for growers, rich with over 50 years of unmatched agronomic knowledge and experience.


Netafim is the largest fertigation solutions dosing systems provider. Learn how to grow better yields and save costs by delivering the right amount of nutrients directly to the plant.


NetRTU™ give farmers fast access to data and the power to operate irrigation in real time.


Powered by NetBeat™, NetMCU™ give farmers the power to plan their irrigation, gather data from sensors and get real time recommendations. All, from the palm of their hand.

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