Push up your profits with heavier, top quality mushrooms and lower production cost!

The common practice today for irrigating mushrooms is a moving sprinkler system. However, sprinkler usage is limited and cannot be used during mycelium development. With precision irrigation, you can irrigate your mushrooms all the time, provinding consistent and optimal moisture to the growing substrates.

Why choose drip irrigation for your mushrooms?

  • more control on your growing media 
    With drip irrigation the casing soil remains at the adequate moisture level all the time, which can cut your casing soil costs by up to 30%.
  • Top-quality mushrooms 
    Drip irrigation for mushrooms is proved to increase stiffness and weight per unit. This not only increases shelf life but also reduces labor cost per kg as you need to harvest less mushroom to achieve the same weight
  • From a manual to a fully mechanized system 
    With a fully mechanized implementation solution, that fits any substrate head filler, you can switch to drip and have it working for you quickly and easily.

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Want to grow heavier, better quality mushrooms?

Want to grow heavier, better quality mushrooms?

Achieve optimal moisture conditions for the best quality mushrooms!