Drain Measurement System - DMS

Netafim’s Drain Measurement System (DMS) allows the soilless media growers to accurately follow the amount of drain water which has not being absorbed by the plant. By comparing this amount of drain water with the amount of irrigation quantity, the grower gets insight into the amount of water absorbed by the plants in the course of the day.

Main benefits:

  • Increases production by precise reaction according to the actual amount of drain water.
  • A high accuracy volumetric sensor connects the system with any type of irrigation controller or with the uManage™ monitoring system.
  • An EC sensor monitoring the EC of the drain water allows a significant reduction in fertilizer expenses.
  • The system includes a 2 meter gutter that can carry any type of media (Coconut, Rock wool, Volcanic rock and more).
  • The system includes a modular aluminum stand that can be installed in any soilless application.
  • Fast and easy installation.
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