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The key to Netafim’s success is what we call the "Netafim Spirit." That spirit is embodied, first and foremost, by our personnel worldwide. With deep roots in agriculture, Netafim employees maintain a common bond with growers to successfully bridge diverse geographies, languages and cultures throughout five continents.

Operating in a growing and developing marketplace, we at Netafim maintain a unique family atmosphere, mutual cooperation, dedication, loyalty and unlimited support – both among our employees and between our company and our customers.

To ensure that the "Netafim Spirit" lives on, we heavily invest in finding and nurturing the right people for the right positions. We invite you to contact us so that you can grow with us, and help maintain our spirit and our success.


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Maintenance Worker

Fields of Responsibility:

  • Maintenance of injection machines and preventive treatments of all the technical systems in the Injection Department
  • Maintenance of auxiliary equipment: manipulators, crushing machines, conveyor belts, sorters, water heaters, suctioning system, raw materials, dryers…
  • Train the technical team on operating and maintaining the technical equipment


  • Technical storeroom, injection technicians, molds dept., operators
  • Maintenance workers in other Netafim sites

Success Factors:

  • Satisfaction of the Maintenance Manager
  • Ability to work independently after being trained
  • Auxiliary equipment maintenance meets requirements

Required knowledge and experience:

  • Highly motivated
  • High work ethics
  • Personally accountable

Education / Studies / Languages:

  • Hebrew – good level of speaking / reading
  • English – high level – ability to read technical specifications of technical equipment - advantage
  • 12 years school
  • Practical mechanical engineer – advantage

Previous knowledge and experience:

  • Experienced as an industrial maintenance worker – advantage to experience in the plastics industry, particularly injection
  • Experienced in reading technical drawings
  • Experienced in operating auxiliary equipment and supporting production - advantage

Necessary traits and capabilities:

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to learn and apply learning independently
Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Head Office of the CIO
IT Department

Direct manager – CIO

Subordinates- 2
Work environment – 100% Netafim HQ offices
Interfaces – Global IT management team, organization managers, corporate IT teams


Main Mission

Cross IT processes and activity coordinator – work plan, budget, resources, Project management & IT Governance


Responsibilities/main process/tasks
IT Strategy and Guiding Principles

carrying out & follow up IT strategy and guideline Principles


Planning & Reporting
Full-fill reporting / planning requirements
Budget planning & control


IT Purchasing – Leads and manages all IT vendors and contractors commercial and technical aspects (from RFP to negotiation and deal closure) Project Management Office (PMO)

Project initiation together with Account managers & Regional Directors

PM resources planning and development

Close reconciliation of upcoming projects, its business cases and prioritization

Monitor overall project related financial key figures

Project Management guidelines and methodology


IT Methodologies & Process Management

Responsible for all IT Governance enforcement, Procedures & methodologies

Continuous improvement of IT processes and IT tools

Cross IT KPI’s management


IT Knowledge Management & Communication

Definition of IT communication standards and plans

Implementation of IT Intranet / IT Workspace

IT Knowledge Management framework & principles


Knowledge & qualification

1. BA in industrial Eng. / information sys. MBA – an advantage.
2. Proven experience in managing global operation in IT units in a complex multi-location organization. advantage to prior experience in an industrial organization
3. 10+ years proven ability to partner and collaborate with business and IT leadership at multiple levels within the organization to define strategies and deliver results in a highly matrix environment
4. Fluent  English required
5. Proven experience in IT budget management
6. Proven experience in IT project management


Skills & abilities

1. Team leading & professional management
2. High execution abilities
3. Ability to integrate – data ,process ,technology
4. Ability to operate in a complex matrix environment
5. Ability to influence without authority
6. Process understanding
7. Organized and capable of defining structures/approaches to resolve complex problems independently
8. Team player
9. Planning capability


Critical Success Factor:
1. Establishment of the planning and control department including processes, policy and methodology.
2. Improving IT work plan execution and delivery

Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Silicon Injection Technician

Position: Silicon Injection Technician
Department: Injection Department – Hatzerim Plant
Reporting to: Silicon team leader
Subordinates: 0
Scope of position: 100%
Work environment: Injection department
Interfaces (internal and external):
1. Mold workshop
2. QA
3. Product managers
4. Logistics
5. Department employees.


Primary Mission: 
Injection machine operation; product knowledge and machine set-up; participation in LEAN implementation processes in the department and leading different departmental activities


Responsibilities/ main processes/ tasks:
1. Product/ equipment/ area referent responsible for its regular operation.
2. Regular operation/handling of machine/ mold/ peripheral equipment failures.
3. Production processes performance and efficiency improvement.
4. LEAN processes task performance and regular activity.


Knowledge & Qualifications:
1. Machine Practical Engineer degree – a plus
2. Previous experience in industrial manufacturing – Plastics – a plus
3. Excellent Hebrew and English – ability to read relevant professional literature and drawings.
4. Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS software – a plus


Skills & Abilities:
1. Strong interpersonal skills
2. Strong independent and teamwork skills
3. Creative problem solving approach
4. Production process understanding and analysis skills
5. Technical skills
6. Ability to read technical drawings


Critical Success Factors:
1. Ability to deal with machine operation related-failures, processes and products.
2. Ability to work independently in a complex environment of equipment and interfaces.
3. Efficiency improvement in processes pertaining to the product under your responsibility. 

Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Maintenance Technician for the Injection Department

Position: Maintenance technician
Department: Operations – Hatzerim plant
Reporting to: Maintenance team leader
Subordinates: 0
Scope of position: 100%
Work environment: Production Plant

Interfaces (internal and external):
Injection unit manager, Injection department head, department teams, Injection Engineering, warehouses


Primary Mission:
Preventive maintenance and breakage treatments in the department; maintenance of peripheral equipment, and other general maintenance tasks


Responsibilities/ main processes/ tasks:
1. Preventive maintenance to all departmental equipment.
2. Breakdown maintenance to all departmental equipment.
3. Injection machine cleanliness
4. Maintenance treatments to the department's peripheral equipment.
5. Leader of/ partner in departmental projects/ activities.
6. Communication with suppliers and service providers in Israel and abroad.
7. Constructing improvement processes and promoting production means optimization.
8. Partner in leading LEAN processes in the department.
9. Providing professional solutions to technical purchasing.
10. Handing department's technical inventory


Knowledge & Qualifications:
1. Knowledge of/ experience with hydraulic systems/ machines/ mechanics – a plus
2. Knowledge of maintenance  and handling of plastic injection machines – a plus
3. Technical skill and understanding in product assembly and disassembly – Required.
4. Ability to read technical drawings - a plus
5. Knowledge of OFFICE tools – a plus.
6. Good English – a plus


Skills & Abilities:
1. Providing service and support to customer's requirements
2. Willingness to work beyond regular hours according to requirements
3. Strong technical skills and understanding of mechanical mechanisms.
4. Self-learning skills
5. Strong interpersonal and interface skills
6. Ability to lead change and improvement processes.
7. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Irrigation System Designer- JB-33
Israel & Global

Position: Irrigation System Designer/ Planner
Department: Projects
Reporting to: Engineering & Projects Director
Subordinates: 0
Scope of position: 100%
Work environment: Israel/ abroad (50% travelling abroad to support Netafim projects/ customers/ 50% office)
Interfaces (internal and external):
Designers, implementers, Draftsman, Netafim's regional sales managers


Primary Mission: 
Supporting the sales system from systems' specifications stage up to irrigation system design using IRRICAD software.


Responsibilities/ main processes/ tasks:
1. Irrigation and/ or water system design based on Netafim's dedicated software and databases and on acceptable professional parameters, from water source (included), water supply infrastructure, irrigation systems based on drip/sprinkler/ mechanized irrigation systems.
2. System optimization according to the specific project requirements: system cost, energy, maintenance.
3. Coordination between project team (designer, implementer, draftsman) from system specification to a detailed design.
4. Producing a technical description and additional supporting materials according to the sales representative requirements.
5. Responsibility for the costing of all price quotation components (materials and works)
6. Supporting Netafim customers in the different territories.


Knowledge & Qualifications:
1. Bs.C in Agricultural Engineering or Civil Engineering – a plus
2. Practical experience of at least 5-10 years in irrigation/ water supply system design with preference to water systems for infrastructures and/ or agriculture.
3. Mastering water/ irrigation systems design principles
4. Civil engineering skills – a plus
5. Mastering computer based design systems (CIVILCAD/ AUTOCAD 3D/ IRRICAD – a plus).
6. Previous design experience in Israel and abroad – required.
7. Good Spanish – required
8. Good English – required


Skills & Abilities:
1. Strong service orientation and awareness 
2. Meticulous attention to details
3. Ability to present systems' offerings to customers in Israel and abroad (as support to the sales system)
4. Multitasking skills
5. Ability to work effectively under pressure


Critical Success Factors:
1. Being a professional authority and bringing an added value at the stage of selling to the customer.
2. Ability to lead design and coordination processes among relevant stake holders.
3. Knowledge and understanding of and ability to integrate pumping, filtration, irrigation, fertigation and control systems into one holistic water supply and irrigation project.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Regional Sales Manager JB-43

Position:  Regional Sales Manager
Department: Netafim Israel
Reporting to: Agronomy Team leader – Center Israel
Subordinates: 0
Scope of position: 100%
Work environment: 80% field, with customers; 20% office
Interfaces (internal and external):

Primary Mission: 

Sales and Agricultural extension service management in a specific region with support from operational and professional functions.

Responsibilities/ main processes/ tasks:
1.    Closing deals and sales to customers
2.    Personal responsibility for payment collection on time.
3.    Personal responsibility for meeting set business goals (profitability, cash flow, profitable growth).
4.    Setting up annual work plan (AOP), set up of a work plan based on personal goals, involvement and team support.
5.    Motivating sales staff and professionals in the organization (including customer service and supply chain) through effective management and task delegation, to promote the business plan and regional sales vs. regional requirements at all sales stages.
6.    Holistic and integrative handling of sales process as of project identification, negotiations, price proposals and follow up, deal closing, supporting installation/ implementation, motivating the after-sales-service support system in a systematic and organized manner.
7.    Retaining existing customer circle by ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction, trust and commitment, to maximize sales based on sales strategy.
8.    Expanding customer circle and stealing competitors' customers marked in the personal plan. 
9.    Engaging and retaining complimentary suppliers at field level
10.    Maintaining close ties with research and extension services and other powerful figures in the field.
11.    Realizing Netafim's strategy in the region while promoting new business development segments defined by the system.
12.    Involvement and partnering in the setup of profit-based sales targets and a work plan and goals supporting the business targets, plans implementation, including regular reporting of results.   


Knowledge & Qualifications:
1.    Background knowledge in irrigated agriculture OR commercial/ sales experience.
2.    Previous sales experience in the agricultural sector – a plus
3.    Bachelor degree in agronomy (Soil & Water Science)/ Business Administration - a plus.

Skills & Abilities:
1.    Commercial/ business orientation
2.    Strong organizational/ priority setting and planning skills
3.    Ability to plan and work effectively according to a methodical plan (sales strategy)
4.    Strong integrative capability
5.    High self-discipline and self-motivation skills
6.    Initiative and responsibility
7.    Ability to harness, motivate and lead support systems
8.    Strong service orientation and awareness
9.    Strong interpersonal skills
10.    Strong teamwork and social skills
11.    Innovation learning and integration skills
12.    Multitasking skills
13.    Ability to deal with frequently changing environment
14.    Ability to work effectively under vague and uncertain conditions
15.    Ability to solve complex problems and provide solutions

Critical Success Factors:
1.    Full and effective realization of the sales strategy (management of customers, products, company image based on the integrated model).
2.    Meeting business goals (set profitability and cash flow growth)
3.    Effective teamwork and social integration

Thursday, August 06, 2015
Injection Department Head, Hatzerim Site JB-46

Position: Injection Department Head
Department: Hatzerim Production Plant
Reporting to: Hatzerim Plant manager
Subordinates: Department's technical and operations teams (50 employees)
Scope of position: 100%
Work environment: Injection department, production hall
Interfaces (internal and external):
Department heads in Israel production in general, and Hatzerim production department heads in particular.

Main task:
Effective management of and partnership in the departmental activity, meeting departmental quality, output and budgetary goals.
Responsibilities/ main processes/ tasks:
1.    Leading a heterogeneous staff (engineers, technicians and operators).
2.    Managing departmental budget while meeting production and budgetary goals
3.    Following goals and metrics regularly communicated to the staff.
4.    Leading projects and initiating technological improvements.
5.    Leading and management of production processes.
6.    Interface management


Knowledge & Qualifications:
1.    BS.c in Engineering / Industrial Engineering and Management – required; MBA – a plus.
2.    Experience of over 3 years in team leadership and motivation – required.
3.    Experience in task, project and budget management.
4.    Good English
5.    Knowledge of and experience in integration of LEAN methodology - a plus.
6.    Knowledge of OFFICE software/ applications – required; SAP -   a plus

Skills & Abilities:
1.    Strong managers/employees leadership and motivation skills
2.    Multitasking skills
3.    Conclusion drawing and decision making skills
4.    Strong interpersonal communication skills.
5.    Independent working skills and ability to lead changes and improvements.
6.    Ability to work effectively under pressure.
7.    Good interaction with relevant production departments
8.    High level of personal responsibility.

Critical Success Factors:
1.    Meeting quality goals of products, supply times, and consistent improvement.
2.    Successful management of internal and external interfaces.
3.    Creating a fully committed department staff consistently striving for excellence. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015
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