Simplifying Farming: The Role of GrowSphere™ in Precision Irrigation

Ofer Oveed
By Ofer Oveed on 21 February 2023

In the picturesque town of Pedregulho, nestled in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, William Ferreira is writing a new chapter in the world of coffee farming. As the Manager of the Santa Maria and Jatobá Farms, part of the AGAM Group, William is on a mission to elevate coffee cultivation to new heights. His secret weapon? Netafim's cutting-edge GrowSphere™, the world's first operating system (OS) for precision irrigation and fertigation.  

The future of food lies in data transparency and sharing

Assaf Yerushalmi
By Assaf Yerushalmi on 08 December 2020

Data collection can optimize decision-making in the food value chain, aiding in managing operations and contributing to global food safety. This is particularly useful during the critical and intense harvest season. This approach is part of Netafim's wider commitment to innovating the future of food safety and nurturing the well-being of communities around the globe.

Will digital tools replace the field work of agronomists?

Ram Lisaey
By Ram Lisaey on 26 May 2020

Digital tools are becoming crucial in agriculture, but will not replace agronomists and human expertise. Instead, the role of the agronomist will evolve to incorporate these technologies, leveraging their expertise to make informed decisions based on advanced tools.

Attracting the youth to agriculture

Naty Barak
By Naty Barak on 25 June 2019

Innovative technologies are enabling farmers to achieve better yields and increased ROI with minimal effort while attracting the interests of the younger generation.