Flexible Pipes Connectors
Netafim™ comprehensive range of flexible pipes connectors is made of high resistance. They are functional and viable, modeled under the highest market standards and available for all pipes types.
Start Connectors
Connecting sub-main line to dripperlines.
Barb Connectors
Netafim™ has 4 connector sub-families for dripperlines: 12, 16, 17, and 20mm. For thick walled dripperlines
Flare Connectors
Connector family, manufactured at Netafim™ and innovative in the market. For heavy (orange) & thin (blue) walled dripperlines
Twist Lock Connectors
Twist Lock Connectors for thin and medium walled dripperlines
Fast Ring Connectors
These have been long-standing in the Netafim™ product line, invented and manufactured by Netafim™. For thin & medium walled dripperlines
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