Greenhouse financing

With the size of Netafim we have the ability to open doors to a wider range of investment partners and offer financing packages not available from others in our industry.

The benefits of greenhouse financing

Commercial greenhouse prices can run into the many millions of dollars. Whatever the size of your company, from a cash-flow perspective financing is normally a sensible option. In contrast to a loan from the bank, financing solutions via an end-to-end greenhouse provider such as Netafim can often be set up to allow you to delay repayments until your greenhouse is up and running, and even until after your first cycle of growth.

The right greenhouse investment solution for you

One of the major benefits of working with Netafim for your turnkey greenhouse project is our size, and that is particularly the case when it comes to financing and greenhouse investment.

With 33 subsidiaries across the world we work with Export Credit Agencies in The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, the US and many other countries. In addition, we have access to a wider network of financing partners, from banks and funds to insurance companies.

Every project is different and the right financing solution for you will depend on the size, scale and location of your greenhouse, as well as the nature of your current investors. But what our size and influence guarantees is that, whatever your project demands, we’re more likely to find you the right solution and the best terms.



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