Greenhouse Financing

Greenhouse Financing

Gakon Netafim can find and source the best greenhouse financing solution for your project.

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Commercial Greenhouse Financing

Gakon Netafim, a subsidiary of Orbia, specializes in precision agriculture, a field where technology and farming intersect to create more efficient and sustainable practices. They're not just about providing advanced irrigation solutions; they're about changing the way the world grows food.

Expanding your business and seeking financial support can be daunting due to various obstacles that may arise. Gakon Netafim has cultivated relationships with some of the leading financial institutions worldwide. This endeavor is more than just securing financial backing; it's about building a network of support, expertise, and shared resources.

The Benefits of Greenhouse Financing

Commercial greenhouse prices can run into many millions of dollars. Whatever the size of your company, from a cash-flow perspective, financing is usually a sensible option. In contrast to a loan from the bank, financing solutions via an end-to-end greenhouse provider such as Netafim can often be set up to allow you to delay repayments until your greenhouse is up and running and even until after your first cycle of growth.

The benefits of greenhouse financing

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