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About HydroCalc

Netafim™ offers cutting-edge HydroCalc irrigation system design software. A user-friendly tool for carrying out basic hydraulic calculations, HydroCalc enables designers, dealers and end users to evaluate the micro-irrigation performance of in-field components such as:

  • Drip laterals and micro-sprinklers
  • Sub-mains
  • Main lines (e.g. PVC, PE)
  • Valves
  • Energy calculators

Installation Instructions for Windows 7
1. Install HydroCalc in a folder outside the \Program Files folder (e.g. c:\Hydrocalc; c:\NetafimCalc)

2. Right-click on the Hydrocalc.exe file, set it to Windows XP compatible, and run as Administrator.
* At this stage The HydroCalc is not compatible with Windows 8.

Hardware/Software Recommendations

  • Windows 95, 98, 2000 & XP
  • Pentium 166MHz and above
  • 15MB free disk space

Free Download
To download HydroCalc and run it for your daily tasks, simply fill out the following form:

** HydroCalc was developed on Microsoft SilverLight and not supporting Chrome nor Edge. We recommend to download this tool via Microsoft Explorer and soon we will luanch a new version.


Version 2.19 Update (PDF)
HydroCalc Help Manual (PDF)

If you are using an earlier version of HydroCalc software, please remove it from your computer before installing the updated version. If you are using Windows Vista, be sure to disable your User Account Control (UAC).

Database Update
If you need to update your database, feel free to download a copy according to your country or metric default:

Country DataBase Updated On
Default - Metric EmitterData.Zip 23/02/2011
Old Metric Database EmitterData.Zip 2/09/2009
Australia EmitterData-Australia.Zip 16/04/2012
Brazil EmitterData-BR.Zip 16/04/2008
Israel EmitterData-IL.Zip 6/01/2011
Italy EmitterData-Italy.zip 28/11/2010
New Zealand EmitterData-NewZealand.Zip 16/04/2012
South Africa EmitterDataSA.zip 28/10/2012


When downloading the database, copy it to the Database folder under the software's main root.

Thank you and enjoy HydroCalc!

Eliezer Gilary
E&P Knowledge Manager



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