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Millions of farmers in more than 110 countries are growing higher and better yields with precision irrigation. Get the tailor-made solutions you need to make every season better than the last.


Precision irrigation product offering

Driven by the specific needs of growers from around the world, our innovative products are designed to give you increased accuracy, control and uniformity. Across the range. From system heads to connectors. So you can grow better yields every year.

Drippers and Dripperlines

The most critical part of your precision irrigation system. Learn about the innovation behind the world’s most clog-resistant drippers and dripperlines that are trusted by millions of farmers for more than 50 years.

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Sprinklers, micro sprinklers and special emitters

To grow uniformly better crops, you need a uniform distribution of water. Find out how to get more effective germination, healthy crop growth, frost mitigation, cooling or humidification for your crops.

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Protect your irrigation system from even the harshest water conditions. Learn about the innovations making sand media, screen, disc and hydro-cyclone filters more durable, simple and reliable. 

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The gatekeepers of your precision irrigation system. Find out how the right valves make your life simpler by reliably controlling flow rates and pressure, and allowing you to automate your system’s operation.

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Flexible and PE pipes

The right pipes do more than move water. They’re lighter, tougher, easier to use and they connect more intelligently to the rest of your irrigation system.

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The most reliable connectors are the ones you trust to stay in place and last longer. They’re made from premium materials, easy to install, and based on a design that keeps them in place, even under pressure.

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