AquaNetPlus® Valves

Product FeaturesAquaNetPlus® Valves

  • Agriculture: tunnel, greenhouse and open field/orchard control valves
    Landscape: command valve
    Industry: water supply system
  • Patented hydraulic 3-way control valves
  • Very wide pressure & flow range
  • Manual override: CLOSE-AUTO-OPEN
  • Built-in pressure regulator with adjustable dial 0.7 – 4.5 bar
  • Very low energy consumption for maximal wire distance
  • Flow Control Stem – standard on all models
  • Chemically altered EPDM diaphragm for increased resistance against chlorine and other chemicals used in agriculture



  ¾" & 1" models: 1½" & 2" models:
Pressure 0.2-10.0 bar 0.4-10.0 bar
Minimal flow 25 l/h 0.1 m3/h
Ambient temperature 60°C 60°C
Fluid temperature 60°C 60°C
DC models:    
Voltage range 12-40 VDC 12-40 VDC
Pulse width 80-500 ms 80-500 ms
AC model 24 VAC 24 VAC 50/60 cycle
Inrush 220 mA 90 mA
Holding 110 mA 75 mA
Diaphragm EPDM EPDM
Bolts stainless steel stainless steel
Body Reinforced Nylon Reinforced Nylon

AquaTivePlus® AC & DCAquaTivePlus® AC & DC

  • Actuator valve designed for reliable operation in all irrigation systems
  • Designed to operate with all types of water, including effluent water (2 mm command orifice)
  • Optional NC (Normally Closed) or NO (Normally Open) valve
  • Two main parts:
     – water isolated actuator
     – 3-way hydraulic control valve
  • Manual override CLOSE-AUTO-OPEN
  • Very low energy consumption for maximal wire distance
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