Greenhouse Water Systems

Greenhouse Water Systems

The majority of high-end greenhouses all over the world are installed with Netafim drippers and irrigation systems.

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Greenhouse Water Systems From the People Who Invented Them

Water is a crucial factor in the success of any greenhouse project. Given the limited soil buffer, greenhouse irrigation systems and fertigation systems are vital for the quality and yield of your crop. At Netafim, we are world leaders in this field, offering flexible greenhouse irrigation and fertigation systems that deliver water and nutrients according to a plant's specific needs:

  • Netafim trademark PCJ-CNL drippers
  • Netafim fertigation systems
  • Netafim trademark sprinklers

Finding The Right Greenhouse Irrigation System for Your Project:

 crop-analysis_1.png Crop analysis

Different crops will require different irrigation protocol.


substrate-analysis_1.png   Substrate analysis

Soil, soilless and pot growing all require different greenhouse irrigation systems.


climate-analysis_1.png   Climate analysis

Geography, climate and radiation levels will affect plants transpiration rate.

water-analysis_1.png    Water analysis

To establish the water source and quality for your greenhouse irrigation system.


water-room_1.png    Planning your water room

This room will include your water tanks, fertilizers tanks, fertigation machines and pumps and filtration system.


drippers_1.png    Choosing the drippers and driplines

Including our innovative ‘point of irrigation’ PCJ drippers.

PCJ Drippers

Experience unparalleled precision drip irrigation with PCJ self-cleaning drippers. Designed for greenhouses and nurseries, these drippers provide optimal performance for your investments.

  • Consistent yields: precision delivery of water and nutrients over a broad pressure range assures excellent crop uniformity and high yields.
  • Clogging resistance: consistent flow rates and flawless operation.
  • Easy to scale and maximum flexibility: Micro-tubes allow drippers where required and split into several drip outlets if needed.
  • Anti-drain mechanism (in LCNL & HCNL models): Eliminates drainage & refill effect and improves efficiency during pulse irrigation.
PCJ drippers: the world’s most precise drip solution (greenhouses)
Tomato Greenhouse in Japan

Nourishing Your Plants with Precision and Care

Maximize your crop quality with our advanced fertigation system, blending fertilization and irrigation for optimal plant nutrition. This technique ensures precise delivery of water and nutrients directly to each plant's roots, tailored to their growth stages. Our system adapts nutrient dosages in real-time, responding to environmental and market changes. Ideal for soilless greenhouse cultivation, our Netafim dosing machines deliver nutrients with exceptional accuracy, essential for the limited buffer capacity of soilless substrates.

Find Our Top Solutions for Your Greenhouse Irrigation Needs:



NetBow™ is an innovative, user friendly container irrigation multi-outlet dripper arc. NetBow™ was developed to address the needs of high-value soilless pot-irrigated crops such as blueberries and Cannabis, that require unique irrigation and fertigation knowhow.



Suitable for greenhouses and net houses in both soil and soilless media, NetaJet 4G features a unique analog dosing valve to ensure highly-accurate and reliable EC/pH control.



NetaFlex™ 3G is a fully homogeneous multi-channel dosing solution suitable for greenhouses both in soil and soilless environments., NetaFlex™ 3G features a state of the art open-tank dosing system, which ensures extremely precise, uniform nutrient dosing.



Pressure-compensated drippers – with an optional anti-drain feature – designed to give you 100% uniformity of water and nutrient distribution. And they’re constantly self-cleaning to prevent clogging. Ideal for greenhouses and nurseries.



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Saving Water Through Disinfection

In greenhouse irrigation systems, we constantly recycle about 20-30% of the water by disinfecting it and mixing it with fresh water from an external source. This reduces water use and fertilizer use, as recycled water retains nutrients from one cycle to the next.

Due to their high efficiency, we use various disinfection techniques in our greenhouse irrigation systems, including UV, Ozone, and leading micro-filtration methods used in the medical sector.

Our water disinfection solutions are simple to use and, once installed, require little maintenance. You can also select different doses depending on your crop and the pathogens you’re guarding against.

Water recycling via greenhouse irrigation systems is cost-effective and highly sustainable, as reusing drain water prevents land and water contamination.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) greenhouse irrigation systems enable the desalination and filtration of water to provide water for your irrigation system. These systems extract salts, organic substances, and other dissolved particles, along with bacteria and viruses. Our Reverse Osmosis systems are tailor-designed – each made to answer the specific needs of your crop and the condition of your water source.

Hydroponic Greenhouse Systems

As a leader in greenhouse irrigation systems, we also offer a range of hydroponic systems, including NFT and ‘Ebb n Flood’:

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

NFT is a space-efficient hydroponic system, ideal for growing lettuces and herbs globally. It conserves water, fertilizers, and pesticides, using plastic gullies where plants receive a flow of oxygen-rich water and minerals. The Netafim NMC controller maintains optimal moisture, nutrient, and oxygen levels. Our system includes filtration, sanitation, and cooling to ensure clean, ideal conditions. NFT allows for year-round, high-quality produce with minimal resource use, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Netafim's in-house design and manufacturing ensure top-quality and reliable performance

Growing lettuce and herbs in a greenhouse using an NFT system
Ebb n Flood System is a different greenhouse irrigation system

Ebb n Flood System

The 'Ebb and Flood' system, also known as 'Flood and Drain,' is an innovative greenhouse irrigation method. It alternates between flooding the plant roots with a nutrient solution and draining it back to the reservoir, ensuring efficient and precise watering. Netafim's Ebb n Flood systems are tailored for optimal performance and available with specialized concrete floors, designed covers, or tray tables to facilitate effective flooding and draining.

Breakthrough in Ebb n Flood 2.0

Netafim introduces a groundbreaking advancement in greenhouse irrigation, especially in sophisticated cannabis cultivation. Combining Ebb n Flood with Netafim Drip Irrigation, we're achieving unprecedented crop quality and enhanced control over plant nutrition.

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