Produce higher potato yields with consistent size and shape via precision irrigation

Whether farmers produce potatoes for fresh consumption or for processing, the challenge of consistent shape and high yield is intense. With precision irrigation, each hectare generates up to 20% more potatoes and fosters consistent quality.

Why choose precision irrigation for your potatoes?

  • Satisfy all market segments 
    Every market hosts unique demands; fresh requires superb appearance, high cooking quality and even shape. Processed insists on low reducing sugar concentrations, uniform tuber, and consistent dry meter. Whatever your goal, precision irrigation will get you there.
  • Keep your potatoes healthy 
    Drip irrigation delivers water precisely to the roots, avoiding leaf moisture, and ultimately fostering a dry environment. Less moisture reduces the risk of potato blight and other fungal diseases.
  • Take control of plant nutrition 
    Potatoes are heavy feeders; their root system is shallow and fibrous so they only flourish with consistent nutrition. Precision fertigation brings nutrients directly to the root zone, on demand.
  • Optimize your resources 
    Drip irrigation distributes your water and nutrients only where the crops grow, avoiding waste between the beds. In addition, there is no water loss due to runoff or evaporation.
  • Foster Uniformity 
    Uniform distribution of water and nutrients creates uniform tubers across the field. Even in the face of strong winds, challenging topography, inconsistent row length or odd field shape, drip irrigation delivers consistency.
precision irrigation for potatoes growth

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Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

Growers stories

Meet the people pioneering precision irrigation

Bluestone farm, Norfolk, UK

"water Is becoming  scarce and the pressure on saving is increasing and will continue to increase"

Bardney, Lincolnshire, UK

"With drip irrigation we use significantly less water and it gets exactly where it's needed"

Matteo Todeschini, Potatoes grower from Italy

“I grew potatoes with traditional methods for 20 years. Now, with drip irrigation, I'm bringing out the best that farming has to offer”

Matteo Todeschini

Potatoes, Italy

Want to improve your potato yields?

Want to improve your potato yields?

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