Greenhouse Structures

Greenhouse Structures

We offer a full range of greenhouse structure options, including glasshouses, polyethylene greenhouses, polytunnels, and net houses.

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Greenhouse Structures

Different locations, climates, and crops require specific greenhouse structures to give your plants the right conditions and protection.


Glasshouses are the optimal greenhouse structure solution for the commercial production of vegetables, fruits, and flowers in mild/cold climates and for nurseries.

Our glasshouses incorporate the industry's most advanced materials and automation technologies. Glass greenhouse structures let in much light and radiation. They’re durable, low-maintenance, and designed for high loads and optimum production. 

We’ve built glass greenhouse projects covering growing areas from 1ha to 80ha.

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Different greenhouse structures

Polyethylene and Polytunnels

Polyethylene greenhouses and polytunnels are excellent greenhouse structures for nursery cultivation and the commercial production of vegetables and flowers across diverse climactic conditions. They’re perfect in locations where it is hot and humid outside.

Our innovative polyethylene (PE) greenhouses are tough and durable structures. A comprehensive array of greenhouse structures is available, and we’ll help you choose the best and most cost-effective solution to suit the climatic conditions you want to grow.

Polyhouses and tunnels are straightforward to install and designed to withstand high winds and crop loads. Polyhouses can cover a growing area from 0.5ha to 30ha.


If you need a greenhouse structure for growing in a moderate climate without diverse swings in temperature, then the most profitable and cost-efficient solution might be a net house.

Nethouses are suitable greenhouse structures for the cultivation of various crops, including vegetables, orchards, and tree-crop nurseries.

Nethouses increase production efficiency and quality by increasing crop security and reducing water and pesticide use. They're a cost-effective greenhouse structure for large areas and can deliver great value and returns.



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“The accumulated efficiencies to make sure the facility is financially sustainable is why Vermillion invested in Gakon Netafim solutions.”

Maria Deschauer - Vermillion Growers Managing Director

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Learn how we can help design and deliver your next greenhouse project.