Highly Professional Greenhouse Project Management

We understand the importance of managing your commercial greenhouse projects in the right way. We’ve developed our greenhouse project model along the US Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines and used our experience to apply them specifically to the greenhouse project cycle.

We then use the right digital tools like Microsoft Project to track your greenhouse project on a daily basis. It helps us keep our customers up to date with the process and different milestones.

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 project management - Technical expertise in house

Technical Expertise in House

There are many moving parts to a turnkey greenhouse project. One of our strengths at Gakon Netafim Greenhouse is our high level of expertise in-house, including agronomists, construction engineers, hydraulic engineers and heating and cooling engineers.

Having everyone as part of the same organization allows for better planning, more coherent project management and a guarantee of professionalism throughout the greenhouse project process.

Your Local Team on The Ground

We have over 5,000 employees working permanently in over 110 countries – in contrast to many greenhouse providers who rely on technicians flying in and flying out. If you ever need support our local team are there on the ground, and you won’t have to worry about travel delays or flight limitations.

project management - Your local team on the ground in the greenhouse


Learn how we can help design and deliver your next greenhouse project.

A Project Management Process That Works

Every turnkey greenhouse project is unique. But the foundation of each Gakon Netafim greenhouse solution is a tried and trusted greenhouse project model:

1. Design And Feasibility

1. Design And Feasibility

This first thing we do is a thorough evaluation of your greenhouse project’s feasibility to find the right greenhouse solution. We assess climate hazards, soil, location and the most suitable crops to grow. We can also develop a full economic analysis, including total costs, financial forecasts and projected ROI.

  • Greenhouse project feasibility study
  • Climate and crop assessment
  • Business planning
  • Financial planning
  • Preliminary technical design
2. Solution Planning and Detailed Design

2. Solution Planning and Detailed Design

The next step in your greenhouse project is to design the master plan for your greenhouse solution, including structures and configurations, heating systems, cooling systems, irrigation & fertigation systems, cultivation techniques – each and every element inside the greenhouse that will eventually support your business plan.

  • Civil works, engineering and planning
  • Structure design
  • Screening
  • Heating and cooling design
  • Growing systems
  • Water system and Irrigation design
  • Climate and irrigation control
  • Greenhouse project scheduling
3. Execution And Build

3. Execution And Build

Once the master plan is perfected, it’s time to put your greenhouse solution into action. Our greenhouse project managers oversee every activity, starting from groundworks and water sourcing to civil engineering works and building, all the way to formal commissioning and handover procedures.

  • Project scheduling and tracking
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Machinery-use on-site supervision
  • Managing subcontractors and other stakeholders
4. Training And After Sale Support

4. Training And After Sale Support

Before handover we run a full training session on all systems. We also offer personalized, ongoing technical and agronomic support to make sure you see your desired returns long after the greenhouse project is implemented.

  • Handover programs
  • In-field and in-class training
  • Training tools and organizational implementation
  • Agronomic, technical and operational support plans
El Huevo, Mexico

“We are very satisfied with the way Netafim carried out this cutting-edge greenhouse project. This project increases the export potential of our tomatoes and peppers greatly because of Netafim’s on-site expert training and support.” 

El Huevo, Mexico


Learn how we can help design and deliver your next greenhouse project.

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