The Uniram is the pressure-compensated and self-closing inline dripper hose from Netafim with the unique self-cleaning labyrinth. Thanks to the self-closing function, the dripper hose never runs dry and the pressure-compensated function ensures a uniform delivery, irrespective of differences in pressure due to long hose lengths, short dripper spacings and/or slopes in the ground. Short, uniform irrigation cycles are thus possible so that both soil-grown and substrate crops can be treated.
An optimum water distribution in the ground means minimum leaching and better growth, but also less dry patches and hence and improved soil cooling effect.

The Uniram can be used for underground dripping (Subsurface Drip: SDI). The self-closing effect prevents dirt from being drawn in and stops roots from growing into the hose. Uniram drippers have a large internal filter and are therefore very suitable for applications with contaminated water. The diaphragm is made of silicone so that cleaning with chlorine-based agents is possible. The Uniram is a completely smooth hose. Laying and removal of the hose is easy. The Uniram is frost-resistant.



  • Pressure-compensated and self-closing
  • Large integral inlet filter
  • Above ground and underground applications
  • Frost-resistant
  • Silicone diaphragm



Uniram dripper hoses are widely used in solid ground for alstroemeria, freesia and lycianthes; for amaryllis and anthurium the hose is laid in the substrate beds. Other common applications are other ornamental plants in solid ground, such as gypsophila, summer flowers and parent plants, but also for e.g. strawberries, berries and asparagus.

Why UniRam™?

  • Irrigate perfectly in all conditions: Application,topography and water quality become a non-issue for your orchard, vineyard or greenhouse.
  • 0% flow variation: Precise distribution of water and nutrients to the root zone throughout your field result in perfectly uniform crop yields, year after year.
  • Never clogs: The industry’s biggest filtration area and water passage together with  self-flushing technology, ensure consistent flow-rates even with harsh water. 
  • Tough in the field: Ultra-durable, UV-stable dripper lines withstand anything: heavy machinery, soil insects, sun exposure and re-coiling. 

What UniRam™ model suits your needs best?

Uniram™ AS

Deciduous plantation and tree irrigation and permanent (10 or more seasons) subsurface row crops

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Uniram™ ASXR

Permanent (10 or more seasons) subsurface row crops with extra root protection

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Uniram™ RC

Permanent (10 or more seasons) row crops, deciduous plantations and tree irrigation

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Uniram™ CNL

Greenhouses, deciduous plantations and tree irrigation; permanent (10 or more seasons) subsurface row crops

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Uniram™ HCNL

Greenhouses and precise irrigation applications; permanent (10 or more seasons) subsurface row crops; deciduous plantations and tree irrigation in complex topographies

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Uniwine™ AS

Vineyard subsurface drip irrigation 

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Uniwine™ RC

Vineyard on-surface drip irrigation.

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Unigray™ CNL & HCNL

Permanent (10 or more seasons) protected crops

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Download technical information

Download technical information