What are the advantages of Precision Irrigation in Okra cultivation?

bullet check.png Adequate Moisture: Precision irrigation ensures enough moisture to crop throughout the crop cycle. This leads to minimize the harvesting intervals of pods and improve uniformity of pod length.

bullet check.png Increased yield: Extending crop stand, early picking and uniformity of pods ultimately increase the yield of okra by application of balanced nutrients throughout the crop cycle through nutrigation technique.

bullet check.png Energy efficiency: 35-45 % energy can be saved compared to flood irrigation.

bullet check.png Resource usability: Marginal/ Undulating fields and saline water can also be effectively used for Okra cultivation by precision irrigation.

Why choose subsurface drip irrigation for Okra?

Using an accurate system will overcome natural field variance and reduce field variety and eventually yield uniformity.

Return On Investment
After fixed cost investments on seeds, land preparation and labour, plant protection, harvest, adding precise irrigation system can allow the grower to push the crop forward and achieve higher yield levels while justifying the initial, constant OPEX & CAPEX

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Compared to other methods, precise irrigation delivers in short intervals with fixed amount according to plant needs. Growers do not need to use inefficient systems such as flooding or water guns

Precision Irrigation assures the extending of crop life and ensures uniform pod size/ length by application of balanced amount of nutrients through nutrigation.

Precision irrigation along with nutrigation technique enhances the crop health and minimises the pest attack mainly fruit borer attack.

Success stories

Innovative Cold-Season Okra Farming

Innovative Cold-Season Okra Farming

Okra is traditionally cultivated during the hot rainy season in Niger and gives low yields in cold conditions. NIP chose to cultivate a special variety of okra, the Konni Okra, during the cold off-set season at their Garou site. This was a first for this type of cultivation and included utilization of land at a low margin cost, water resources otherwise underutilized, and a greater appreciation of the product on the market.

The result? A higher selling price, compared to traditionally cultivated crops.


Garou, Niger

Do you want record yields and high ROI on your okra crop?

Do you want record yields and high ROI on your okra crop?

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