The Easy Way to Automate Your
Irrigation and Fertigation

GrowSphere’s range of controllers allow you to automate the control and regulation of your pumps, valves, and other hydraulic components in your drip or sprinkler system - remotely from anywhere. Our industry-leading controllers are suitable for open-fields, orchards and greenhouses, and deliver excellent crop performance and resource efficiency.


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Much More than a Controller.
It’s a Whole Operating System for Your Irrigation.

All our controllers are connected to the GrowSphere™ OS, an intuitive visual work tool that makes it easier to plan, monitor, and execute your irrigation with greater transparency and reliability. So you can minimize your operating costs while improving your yields - with a lot less effort.

What Controller is Best for Me?

Whatever your irrigation needs we have the right option for you.

GrowSphere MAX

GrowSphere™ MAX

The ultimate all-in-one solution, offers maximum operational flexibility. Ideal for complex agriculture operations.

For medium-large scale applications.

  • 256 valves
  • Multiple mainlines
  • 100+ sensors
  • Advanced fertigation



GrowSphere™ FLEX

High performance automation that doesn’t compromise on flexibility. Acts as a standalone or slave device.

For small-medium scale applications.

  • 16 valves
  • Single mainline
  • 15 sensors
  • Simple fertigation



GrowSphere™ ECO

The simple and flexible way to automate your irrigation and fertigation. Ideal solution for smaller agricultural operations.

For small scale applications. medium

  • 6 valves
  • Single mainline
  • 9 sensors
  • Basic fertigation



Closing the Loop

The GrowSphere™ OS seamlessly connects your controller,
to your sensors, to the cloud, accessible with your mobile device.
Offering a seamless way to manage your irrigation.