The opportunity for grape growers

The quality of your wine grapes depends on a lot of factors. Some of those factors are relatively predictable and others are hardly predictable at all.  

So if you want to make sure you’re growing consistently high-quality grapes, you need to make sure you have complete control over the water and nutrients feeding them. More important, you need a system that’ll give you control over vine growth, no matter your topography or climate. 

precision irrigation

How precision irrigation helps

Precision irrigation delivers water and nutrients straight to the roots of each plant – not the soil. The result is that you’ll be able to increase your wine yield and quality. But crucially, you’d also reduce the amount of fertilizer, water and labour you need.
In order to get a high quality wine, you need to control the level of water stress. Precision irrigation does that.
And if you use digital control systems, you can make it easier to monitor and optimize your yield as it’s growing, and gain data about every stage of the wine grape lifecycle.

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Growers stories
Growers stories

Growers stories

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Precision irrigation for open field farms

You’re trying to keep a delicate balance between smart risk-management and optimal crop growth. That’s the challenge of open field agriculture.

You need a solution that makes the best use of your land, time and resources, while guaranteeing consistent results in the field. A solution that’s right for your crop, soil, climate, topography, crop cycles and business model.

That’s where precision irrigation comes in.

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Precision fertigation

Plant nutrition isn’t a matter of quantity – it’s a matter of efficiency. Precision fertigation delivers nutrients straight to the roots of each plant, in personalized combinations, with perfect timing. So you use fertilizer more efficiently and get the best return on your inputs. Even in cases where soil moisture is balanced and there is no need for additional irrigation, applying nutrients through your system allows you to give your crop what it needs, when it need it, to grow much higher yields.

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Every season is a race to grow higher yields with fewer resources. Browse our range of innovative products and tailor-made solutions and start optimizing your use of the land, water and fertilizer. For higher and better yields, every time.

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Wine grape FAQs

  • How much will precision irrigation cost me per hectare?

    It varies. The price depends on three things. First, how you’ll get water from the source to the field – you’d need to choose the right pipelines based on distance and elevation. Second, your peak crop water demand, which is governed by your climate conditions and crop canopy cover. And finally, your topography, which will determine your emitter spacing. To give you a quote for a precision irrigation system cost per unit area, our agronomists would need to assess these factors. Get in touch so we can get started.

  • Why should I choose precision irrigation over other, cheaper methods?

    It’s true that precision irrigation isn’t the cheapest method. But it does give you bigger grape yields of higher quality, every season, in a range of challenging environments. It’ll get you the results you need to meet market demand faster than any other method. And it’ll save you more water, fertilizer and labour than alternatives. So you get  much better economic returns.

  • When should I start irrigating, and how should I do so?

    Usually, wine grape growers start irrigating just after the end of the rainy season. But several other factors specific to your farm will affect the best time to do so.

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