Step into profitable cocoa production

We are experiencing a revolution that is set to change cocoa production worldwide. Precision irrigation is paving the way to highly efficient and consistent production, able to overcome the unpredictable challenges posed by climate change and more.

Why choose precision irrigation for your cocoa?

Bring stability to your business:

  • Reduce your risk, whatever the weather
    Lack of, or inconsistent rain becomes a none-issue when you use precision irrigation.  And you can be sure to give your plants what they need, when they need it, all year round.
  • Get the most out of every hectare
    Enjoy faster revenues from your land! Double your productivity per hectare and reap the benefits of growing intercrops with drip irrigation and modern agricultural practices.
  • Whether your plot is big or small, there’s a perfect fit for all
    Precision irrigation systems are easy to configure and fit for any plot, whether you have a single hectare, or thousands.


Growing of cocoa
A close-up photo of cocoa

Increase your profits:

  • Gain top-quality yields
    Push your cocoa beans to their maximum size and quality with precision irrigation. That way, you get the best market price for growing the best market produce.
  • Save on fertilizers, crop protection and labor costs
    By distributing nutrients and crop protection directly to the root zone in the most efficient way. 
  • Accelerate your time to commercial production
    You’ll get from planting to production in just 3 years instead of 5, while securing zero tree mortality. Reduce water stress and provide the doses of nutrition needed to keep your trees healthy and productive.

Things we often get asked:

Want to grow better cocoa faster? Try Netafim precision irrigation now!

Want to grow better cocoa faster? Try Netafim precision irrigation now!

Let us help you find the best solution for you!