Crop Advisor: Your Solution to Irrigation Uncertainty

Ofer Halperin
By Ofer Halperin on 24 June 2024

Flooding in Brazil and Texas, a brutal heat wave throughout the Philippines, record temperature in Africa and India, and that’s just in the past month! Extreme weather has devastating effects around the world, and guess who usually gets hit the hardest?  Farmers! Here's where Crop Advisor comes in, a real-time irrigation decision-support system and an indispensable part of GrowSphere™.

Netafim's Gabiro Project: Transforming Agriculture in Africa

Michael Bruderli
By Michael Bruderli on 06 May 2024

Our recent project in Rwanda, the Gabiro Project, is a shining example of what can be achieved when diverse stakeholders come together with a shared vision – to transform lives and landscapes through sustainable agriculture. Michael Bruderli, Head of Business Development at Netafim and the Gabiro Project manager, delves into the journey of Gabiro, from inception to its remarkable impact on the local community and beyond.

The Revolutionary Transformation of Paddy through Drip Irrigation

Yiğit Kocabıyık
By Yiğit Kocabıyık on 17 January 2024

Rice, one of the most important food sources for humanity, holds significant importance in cultivation areas worldwide. Rice production and agricultural yield play a crucial role in both Türkiye and the global agricultural landscape.

Factories, CO2, and the Greenhouse Connection

Posted on 03 January 2024

While there's abundant information about greenhouse gases, it's a common misconception to associate greenhouses with high greenhouse gas emissions. In reality, greenhouses enriched with carbon dioxide (CO2) enable plants to photosynthesize more effectively¹.

Ensure Food Security while optimizing OPEX and CAPEX

Zohar Ziv
By Zohar Ziv on 05 October 2023

Sustainable agriculture's future lies at the intersection of food security and financial efficiency, driven by commercial greenhouse innovation. We believe that local, sustainable food production using as few resources as possible is the path to achieve it.

Nurseries: Nurturing Plants for Optimal Growth and Development

Austin Juma
By Austin Juma on 04 September 2023

A nursery is a meticulously crafted environment where young plants are cultivated and nurtured until they reach maturity for transplanting into farms or sale. Ever wondered about the significance of nursery design and its role in agriculture? Let's look at this crucial aspect of the agricultural landscape.

Building Resilience: Overcoming El Niño Uncertainty

Roei Yonai
By Roei Yonai on 25 July 2023

In the past couple of months, our site in Bangkok has experienced a notable influx of visitors and a substantial increase in inquiries regarding precision irrigation solutions. Changing weather patterns are on everyone’s agenda as reports released by the World Meteorological Organization in March 2023, assert that the rare, three year in a row La Niña is officially over, and another cycle of El Niño is heading our way.

Sustainable Food Production in a Smart City

Ricky Elz
By Ricky Elz on 13 July 2023

The global population crosses 7.7 billion, increasing pressure on food, water, and energy resources. Most people are living in urban areas, and this poses several challenges; food security will be a severe issue for the future of citizens.   

The way we have been producing food was adequate but not sustainable in the long run. We created large food hubs that distribute food across the globe. Covid and transportation issues have disrupted the international market. The need for local food production is evident. However, droughts and extreme weather make growing produce in an open field difficult. Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) can offer a solution. Can we produce crops in a more personalized manner?

Is Soil Salinity a Threat to Our Food Security?

Dr. Itamar Nadav
By Dr. Itamar Nadav on 27 April 2023

Soil is a vital resource for feeding the burgeoning global population which is expected to reach over 9.8 billion people by 2050. The presence of excess salts in the soil make it saline, and pose a significant threat to farm productivity, environmental health and financial welfare. Based on the FAO/UNESCO soil map of the world, the total area of saline soils is 397 million hectares (Mha) which is approximately 3.1% of the world’s land area (FAO, 2005). Moreover, future projections of climate change and human population growth suggest that the extent of saline soils will grow accordingly.

Sustainable Agriculture: Embracing Local for Global Impact

Austin Juma
By Austin Juma on 23 March 2023

Industrialized farming has allowed us to achieve large-scale food production at low costs, distributing it efficiently across the globe. However, this approach is proving unsustainable in the face of climate change, transportation challenges, and a growing population. Agricultural practices account for a significant 70% of global freshwater withdrawals and contribute to land and soil degradation) . The emerging trend of growing food locally offers a solution to these challenges by shortening supply chains, reducing transportation costs, and minimizing carbon footprints. 

Simplifying Farming: The Role of GrowSphere™ in Precision Irrigation

Ofer Oveed
By Ofer Oveed on 21 February 2023

In the picturesque town of Pedregulho, nestled in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, William Ferreira is writing a new chapter in the world of coffee farming. As the Manager of the Santa Maria and Jatobá Farms, part of the AGAM Group, William is on a mission to elevate coffee cultivation to new heights. His secret weapon? Netafim's cutting-edge GrowSphere™, the world's first operating system (OS) for precision irrigation and fertigation.  

Are we ready to give up on 36 million better citizens?

Hagar Kostianovsky
By Hagar Kostianovsky on 05 December 2022

At the turn of the millennium, as a fresh college grad with sparkly eyes and a passion to make an impact on the world, I joined a social NGO that initiated and operated learning centers for children from low income families. My mission was to recruit the business sector to take an active part in volunteering for this cause. The search for companies who would want to involve their employees in long term corporate volunteering was a frustrating journey filled with lots of “No, thank you!”. My personal journey to meaningful, impactful, and lasting corporate social responsibility had begun.

Building a Commercial Greenhouse

Olaf Mos
By Olaf Mos on 21 November 2022

Achieving success in constructing a commercial greenhouse hinge on a methodical approach that considers crucial factors such as optimal location and cutting-edge technologies. This article will delve into the essential steps required to establish a thriving commercial greenhouse. 

How Global Warming is Impacting the World's Favorite Pink Drink

Laurent Huet
By Laurent Huet on 02 August 2022

Rosé wines are on the rise. With its pink hue, light taste and refreshing blast of red berry flavors, rosé is a great partner for food and come summertime, pink is what you want to drink.  In the past decade, rosé has been globally rebranded - with celebrities and luxury brands alike scooping up vineyards. Consumption of the pink drink has increased by 20% over the last 20 years, and is expected to rise by as much as 50% by 2035 due to growing demand.