Tel-Aviv, January 30, 2020 – Netafim, the global leader in precision irrigation, and Arable Labs, the leader in innovative field sensing and analytics, have announced their collaboration in integrating Arable’s data into Netafim’s automated irrigation and fertigation cloud-based platform, NetBeat™. Arable’s unique field sensors and plant metrics combine with Netafim’s NetBeat™ platform to enable easier, more precise, and more reliable irrigation, fertigation and crop management decisions. 

Netafim's NetBeat™ is the first ag platform to provide integrated automated monitoring, analysis and control for irrigation and fertigation. It was designed with an open-platform concept that supports integration of external new technologies.   

Following a successful two-year trial, spanning four crops over three continents, Netafim chose Arable’s technology for its proven ability to present valuable crop management insights such as real-time water consumption and plant development status, as well as microclimate parameters that can enhance decision making and improve irrigation efficiency. Arable's sensing and analytics capabilities will be integrated into NetBeat's Dynamic Crop Models™ algorithms that monitor plant development and provide relevant recommendations for more than 20 different crops. 

Netafim NetBeat™ provides actionable recommendations to the grower about exactly how much water and nutrients are needed at each stage of growth. The additional input from Arable’s Mark 2 device will include daily infield NDVI measurements that can be used as a proxy for canopy closure, an important metric used to calculate crop-specific evapotranspiration rates and schedule precision irrigation. Netafim Netbeat™ is designed to integrate data easily from many sources, including information about crop status, soil moisture, and weather. This trial validated Arable’s claim that high quality data can be collected easily and cost-effectively and deployed at a global scale. 

“We believe that managing water and plant nutrients more precisely is critical to the future of agriculture around the world,” said Arable’s CEO, Jim Ethington. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Netafim, the industry leader in precision irrigation, to deliver on that need to our customers."

“We designed NetbeatTM to be an open platform since we believe that joint innovation is the way of the future,” said Guy Leventon, VP Digital Farming at Netafim. “We have examined dozens of new technologies with the aim of incorporating the best into the NetbeatTM platform. After comprehensive testing we concluded that Arable brings unique capabilities that will result in high value for farmers. On top of that we learned that Arable, while being a very young company, already has a significant track record and a relatively wide install base. This is exactly what we are looking for when choosing our partners for integration.”

Arable’s weather, plant and soil data will soon be visible in the NetBeatTM dashboard in 2020. In the meantime, the 40 unique sensor parameters from Arable's Mark device are being incorporated into the NetBeatTM Dynamic Crop Models™ to eventually bring farmers better insights and greater value.

About Arable Labs

A pioneer in decision agriculture, Arable is a data company that takes a unique approach to creating better visibility and improved outcomes in agriculture through solutions that combine scalable hardware, analytics, predictive modeling, and data integration. The ground-truth knowledge they unlock empowers agricultural stakeholders to more effectively manage natural resources and lower food waste throughout the supply chain. The company’s mission is to achieve global impact by providing the measurements, insights, and predictions that enable growers to recognize and address risk. The Arable team has deep experience in crop modeling, turning data into decisions, and forecasting weather using artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques. Our customers range across the entire production spectrum in food and ag, from farmers, mid-size consultancies, and universities, to governments/NGOs, major global food brands, agrichemical giants, insurers, lenders, and international communications firms. For more information, visit www.arable.com, and follow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.