Highlighting Sustainable Agriculture Advancements From the Past Two Years

Netafim is continuing its mission to feed the world more sustainably by supporting farming communities with services and digital farming solutions to help maintain  agricultural productivity, even amidst the  new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. In its recently released 2018-2019 Sustainability Review, Netafim provides stakeholders with a transparent account of its impact on people, society and the environment over the past two years.

Netafim′s solutions have been making a difference for 55 years; we continue to innovate and deliver even higher precision in our irrigation solutions, utilizing our advanced digital farming solutions that provide farmers with better analysis, monitoring and control capabilities, resulting in  cutting-edge, real-time decision-making tools. With mass adoption of drip irrigation, global food security can be a reality.

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call on us to work together to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure equitable prosperity. At Netafim, it is our privilege to be enacting a business strategy that directly contributes to delivering on 10 of the 17 SDGs.

Through policy support and cross-sector collaboration, we can help farmers to mitigate the growing challenges of climate change. We can make it economically viable for small-holder farmers to receive modern drip irrigation systems, digital farming tools and the agronomic know-how and training needed to achieve  higher g incomes, sustainably. By increasing incomes, farmers and their families can gain access to better sanitation, education and health care services in a way that balances economic, social and environmental sustainability. To date, we’ve supported the drip irrigation of over ten million hectares of land and produced over 150 billion drippers for more than two million farmers.

Our core message is one of empowerment and optimism. Putting simple-to-use technologies in the hands of farmers really does transform lives. But our mission doesn’t stop with providing drip irrigation systems: we look at the whole challenge, in all its dimensions, in country- and climate-specific contexts, and we partner with governments and non-government organizations to help improve farmer livelihoods in ways that make sense in each situation.

Farmers using our smart irrigation solutions achieve up to 50–100% increase in income and up to 40% reduction in production costs, turning economic stress into sustainable opportunity.

In the Review you can read about:

  • How we helped smallholder farmers in India thrive even though they lacked funds to invest in modern irrigation systems;
  • How we overcame major agricultural challenges to optimize rice cultivation in Turkey;
  • How we improved food security while boosting local rural economies in Rwanda;
  • How we helped farmers grow more while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in China;
  • How we recycled drip lines in the U.S. , plus many more stories.
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