The best way to flush driplines

NetFlush™ is a controlled line flush valve for drip irrigation. With NetFlush ™ line flushing is no longer a headache - it’s a job growers can do on the go, keeping their irrigation system debris-free, maximizing irrigation system performance and longevity.

Why NetFlush™?

  • Optimal flushing performance – high flushing velocity
  • NetFlush™ allows growers to flush drip lines frequently, at the right timing intervals
  • Enables clear visibility of drip line drainage to ensure line flushing quality
  • The only Normally Closed (NC) flush valve for drip irrigation in the market, ensuring maximum safety
  • Low labor cost, reduces labor time by ~ 90% compared to end line devices
  • Easy to operate by a single hydraulic command, each drip line is flushed individually
  • Flushes a cluster of driplines at once
  • Cost-effective solution - NetFlush™ investment pays for itself after < 1 year, considering labor costs
  • Reduces energy cost thanks to hydraulic superiority, economic installation and efficient layout


  • Compatible with - Thin / Medium / Heavy wall driplines
  • Compatible with range of dripline diameters: 16 – 22 mm
  • Mechanically robust and resistant with chemicals
  • UV resistant
Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Get in touch, and we can talk about what your crop needs.