Make Your Farming Operation More Profitable than ever for years to come!

Make Your Farming Operation More Profitable than ever for years to come!

SDI is the optimal, long-term drip irrigation solution. Providing growers with a management tool
that increases crop yields, decreases input costs, and increases operational efficiency. Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) just makes sense!

Why you should switch to SDI?

When should SDI be used?

icon-project-large.svg In areas that suffer from water shortages - SDI saves an additional ~15% of water compared to on surface drip.

icon-project-large.svg For Long-term land ownership, for long-term investment.

icon-project-large.svg In cases of high labor costs or shortage - SDI requires less labor.

icon-project-large.svg When tilling is difficult.

icon-project-large.svg Areas with high insurance costs on the value of irrigation equipment - SDI costs less than other.


Success Stories


Rice in Turkey

Growing rice on slopes presents a huge challenge. But what if all flat lands are occupied and business must be maximized - watch how drip came through for  this Turkish grower

Bülent Can

Rice, Turkey

Benefits of SDI:

SDI is a fully automatic system that applies low volumes of water and nutrients uniformly to every plant across the entire field, growing more with less inputs and resources. you get total peace of mind- with minimum to zero labor and maintenance. SDI is the ultimate permanent irrigation solution for years to come!


Common crops grown with SDI

How does it work?

Over the years, Netafim™ has developed various products and methods, tools, and
accessories that gradually improve the results and life span of SDI and have turned it into a reliable irrigation method.