PCJ™ PRO is the new outstanding on line pressure-compensated dripper.
Specially designed for growers who seek uniform and precise irrigation for challenging water quality and intensive irrigation requirements​
The new PCJ™ PRO dripper brings huge benefits, mainly for any crop growing within greenhouses and nurseries, and other crops growing with organic nutrigation. It is also the dripper of choice for many types of crops growing in channels/bags.​

Expected Product Lifespan

  • More than 8 seasons


  • Hilly Topography
  • Flat Topography

Dripper Type

  • On line

Pressure Compensation

  • PC

Dripline Wall-Thickness

  • Heavy wall

Dripper special features

  • Drainage (RC)
  • Anti-drain (CNL)


  • On surface

Why PCJ™ PRO?​

  • Pressure compensated : Precise and equal amounts of water delivered over a broad pressure range, ensuring 100% uniformity of water and nutrient distribution along the laterals.
  • Continuously self-flushing : Flushes debris throughout operation, while ensuring constant dripper operation even in challenging water qualities.
  • Flexible location : Drippers can be positioned exactly where required. A number of drippers can be added to increase the water quantities applied. Allows the installation of “spider assembly”, splitting the drip supply to several drip outlets​
  • TurboNet™ : Labyrinth ensures wide water passages, to increase flushing efficiency. The water is drawn into the dripper from the stream center, preventing the entrance of sediment into the drippers.
  • Anti- drain mechanism ( LCNL &HCNL optional ) : Eliminates drainage and refill effect and improves efficiency in pulse irrigation even in steep topography.

What PCJ™ PRO Online model suits your needs best?

PCJ™ PRO Straight barb 3mm

PCJ™ PRO Straight barb 3mm

3mm barb outlets to connect to a micro tube of 5x3mm

PCJ™ PRO Straight barb 4mm

PCJ™ PRO Straight barb 4mm

3mm barb outlets to connect to a micro tube of 4mm or 3x4mm

PCJ™ PRO Nipple (Press fit)

PCJ™ PRO Nipple (Press fit)

Nipple outlet connects to adaptors that connect to micro tubes leading to stakes and drippers

PCJ™ PRO Angled barb 3mm

PCJ™ PRO Angled barb 3mm

3mm angle outlet to connect to 3x5mm micro tubes. Optimal for high-tech greenhouses. Allows to shorten the micro tube to suit grow-bag installations