Streamline X ReGen™

The First Agricultural Dripline To Contain Recycled Content

Introducing Streamline X ReGen™, the first dripline to successfully address the supply chain sustainability needs of today’s growers. 

It is the ultimate solution for short cycle crop application, tough enough to withstand harsh installations with its interior and exterior ribbed structures. Containing recycled content, Streamline X ReGen™ meets the current  globally adopted sustainability goals without compromising quality. By using recycled material, we prevent the waste of potentially reusable materials and conserve virgin raw materials, thereby reducing energy usage, air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfill).

Do the right thing without compromising your business.

Netafim products with recycled materials:

  • Netafim is the only manufacture whose recycled resins  meet European standard CEN/TS 17627
  • Comply with ISO 9261 international standard for emitters and emitting pipes. 
  • Comply with ASAE S435.1 American standard for polyethylene micro-irrigation laterals. 
  • Always contain an added UV absorber, protecting against degradation by solar radiation. 
  • Have the same life expectancy and warranty period as non-recycled driplines.

Product Advantages

  • Exterior Ribbed Surface: Prevents against potential dripline damage during installation and retrieval.
  • Interior Ribbed Surface: Minimizes damage to dripper during installation.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Dedicated research and development take irrigation to new heights with recycled driplines.
  • Quality Control Standards: Produced with the strictest quality control standards in the industry, ensuring a better crop, every time.
  • Meet the current globally adopted Sustainability goals. 


  • Short Cycle Crop Application for surface or shallow burial



  • Diameter: 12, 16, 22 mm
  • Nominal flow rates (LPH): 0.35, 0.75, 1.0, 1.6,2.2, 2.8
  • Common spacings: from 0.1m
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh