Fertikit™ 5G 

A highly precise and modular system powered by advanced control - optimizes yields while saving costs.

Take full control of nutrient dosing.  Fertikit™, a versatile and modular nutrient dosing system, produces higher yields while saving water and labor. Tailor made for your needs; it allows you to design the ultimate system for your applications. Your crops will get exactly the nutrients they need, precisely when they need it. With Fertikit™ 5G, powered by the new GrowSphere™ controller, you regulate the dosing for soil-grown crops in net houses, open fields, and orchards. 

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Why Fertikit 5G™?

  • Cost effective: Fertikit™ 5G Requires minimal investment and offers a rapid ROI.
  • Advanced control: Fertikit™ 5G puts you in control of plant nutrition, improving both crop yield and quality. With GrowSphere™ controller, designed to speak the grower's language, it manages an array of local and remote devices (valves, sensors, external data sources). It gives you full control over your entire plant nutrition program.
  • Versatile: Available in 8 models to suit any hydraulics conditions, any size or range of irrigation systems. 
  • Modular Design:Configure your own system according to your needs: With Fertikit™ 5G’s smart modular product range, you pay only for what you use. In addition, you can add features as you go.
  • Easy to install: A Plug & Play system, "Venturi" operations, no moving parts and maintenance free.
  • Built to last:Fertikit™ 5G features the finest quality components and material.
  • Fast & precise: Nutrigation adjustments with guaranteed EC and pH control
  • Optimizes crops:Plant nutrition precision with six highly accurate dosing channels.
    Efficient: Water, fertilizer, and energy consumption as needed 


  • Comprehensive: Offers up to 6 Quick-action and highly accurate dosing channels of 50-1,000 l/hr each)
  • Scalable: Scales to system flow rates from 1m3/hr to 700m3/hr and up to 8 bar pressure 
  • Compatible: Easily integrates with a Wide range of accessories and peripherals.
  • Well-Designed: Highest-quality components including stainless steel pumps, EC/pH measure, electric valves, PVC accessories
  • Area capacity: from 0.1Ha to 400Ha, suitable from nurseries to open field crop 
  • Built to last:Made of aluminum, corrosion-resistant frame with adjustable legs and PVC piping