Growing 5,000 Tonnes of Fresh Tomatoes When It’s -20c Outside

“We’re speaking constantly with the Netafim team. They are always supportive and give us immediate feedback on all the requests that we have. We have an understanding, we have common language.”
Sanjar Gulyamov, Project Manager, EcoInvest

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Our Challange

The challenge was to build a self-sufficient poly greenhouse that would enable EcoInvest to grow fresh tomatoes. They wanted to grow fresh tomatoes all year round in Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan has extreme weather conditions.

Project details

Country: Kazakhstan

Type: Large-scale polyhouse project

Crop: Tomatoes

Size: 11 Hectares including a nursery 

Large-scale polyhouse project Large-scale polyhouse project Large-scale polyhouse project


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Project summary

In 2018, EcoInvest made the decision to invest in a major 11Ha polyhouse in Kazakhstan. Their ambition: to grow tomatoes all year round for the local market and export to Russia. This was their first major greenhouse investment and they asked Netafim to provide support and expertise at every step of the project: from financing and design to execution and operation.

The result is a truly cutting-edge greenhouse project delivering continuous, profitable, and sustainable growing conditions 365 days a year despite Kazakhstan’s -200 winters and +400 summers. In just 12 months the project was up and running. In its first year of full operation, the polyhouse has delivered 5,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes at 50kg/m2.

Results achieved

365 days

Continuous supply of tomatoes using an advanced inter-planting system designed by Netafim hydraulic engineers.

5,000 tonnes

Fresh tomatoes in year 1.


Yield per m².


Water reduction due to a closed-cycle irrigation system that captures, disinfects and reuses drain water.

“Consultants advised us to speak with the Netafim team. We were happy with their team and their approach, and we became partners.”



Project services:

We helped to arrange a tailor-made financing solution for this major polyhouse investment. From there our team has supported EcoInvest with the full end-to-end greenhouse solution, including innovative technology such as precision irrigation, interplanting and LED/HPS lighting for enhanced photosynthesis.

  • Finance and business planning
  • Bespoke polyhouse design
  • Irrigation system design
  • On-site nursery design
  • Project execution
  • Agronomical planning and support
  • After-sales technical support


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