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With over 50 years of project management expertise and irrigation know-how, we’ll help design, develop and implement your agricultural vision. Then we’ll ensure you achieve success and profitability through a fully sustainable operation – no matter your crop, location, climate or conditions.

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Karnataka, India

Empowering over 6,700 smallholders in the Karnataka region 

6,700 farmers on nearly 12,000 hectares were at the mercy of an unpredictable climate. Chronic water shortages and inequitable water distribution were affecting crop yields and quality. The state of Karnataka knew it would have to act quickly to prevent massive unemployment, migration, poverty and low productivity.

Together with different entities and stakeholders, we put together a sustainable agriculture solution. We installed bulk water supply and micro irrigation infrastructure, provided grower training, enabled capacity building, and created marketing linkages. And now, the community is thriving, with increased food security and socio-economic prosperity.


Building a comprehensive solution to increase yields and water-use efficiency in Brazil

Agrovale is the leading Brazilian producer of sugar, ethanol and bio-energy, managing over 16,000 hectares of sugarcane. They decided to leverage the advantages of precision irrigation and tackle the region’s hot, semi-arid climate to achieve the highest sugarcane yields and number of ratoons possible.

Our role included the planning, design and execution of a precision irrigation subsurface system covering over 3,000 hectares. And right on schedule, Agrovale achieved success with yields of 140 tons per hectare, and significantly lower production and labor costs.


Achieving vertical integration for better quality crops

Agrokor, the Balkan’s top food retailer, wanted more control over the supply chain for tomatoes so they could ensure consistent crop quantity and better quality. So they reached out to us.

We helped them construct a 4.7 hectare state-of-the-art soilless glasshouse, which included a full package of personalized precision irrigation and fertigation solutions. And now, that greenhouse is consistently delivering over 600 tons per hectare.

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Project expertise

Project expertise

Master every stage of the project lifecycle.

When you need to plan and execute any agricultural project, any size, anywhere, we offer you end-to-end services with best-in-class capabilities for a comprehensive solution.

Project expertise

Preliminary design

This first step includes a thorough evaluation of your project’s feasibility and financial viability. It’ll cover everything from your preferred technology and workforce requirements to financing solutions, insurance and legal details.

Detailed design

The next step is to design the master plan for the project. It’ll include land preparation, bulk water supply, your infield precision irrigation system, equipment, machinery and civil works. Then we’ll leverage our 50 years of agronomic and engineering expertise to condense that into a clearly defined strategy.


Once the master plan is perfected, it’s time to put it into action, with onsite and offsite project management that includes budgeting and control plus human resource planning. That way we can ensure the project is delivered on time, on spec and on budget.

Operations and maintenance

Your project’s success will depend largely on the quality of ongoing technical and agronomic support, and the effectiveness of capacity building in the years after implementation. That’s why we personalize and perfect our offerings at this final stage as much as the others, so we can ensure a strong ROI for you.

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