Modular Farming Facility with Precision Irrigation Infrastructure

Modular Farming Facility with Precision Irrigation Infrastructure

“This ground-breaking facility is an enormous opportunity for drought-stricken and flood plagued Eastern Rwanda to combat the challenges of climate change, land scarcity, and deteriorating land fertility.”

Minister of MAGARI

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Attracting private sector investments to ensure ​food security in the Nygatara District​

Netafim partnered with the Rwandan government to create the Gabiro Agribusiness Hub, a unique modular farming facility. The site features precision irrigation infrastructure, enabling immediate work for farmers and investors. Netafim supported the Rwandan government with turning the vision into reality by executing the project and delivering water to 16,000 hectares.


Project Scope


EPC: Project design, procurement and execution

Construction of irrigation infrastructure

Execution and operation of demo farm (incl. dairy, training center, greenhouse and offices) 

Agronomic and irrigation training

Creating the most advanced ​agriculture eco-system in Africa

Transforming land that was previously not suitable for farming with​ an innovative new model for farmers and investors. Farmers will be growing a mix of staple and high-value crops​ in all weather conditions throughout the year​ with up to a 50% saving in water resources, double of most yields and greatly improved quality of crops.

Women in field in Rwanda

"With the recent climatic changes, less and less water is available where it's needed. The Gabiro Agribusiness Hub project brings to the country Precision Irrigation, which is going to help farmers and investors to GROW MORE WITH LESS™. This is really the essence of this project."

Michael Brudeli, Gabiro Project Manager, Netafim

Results Achieved

Land utilization for agricultural use | Higher yields | ~30-60% decrease of water use