Annual Service Program

Annual Service Program

Our ASP Service Plan is an annual service package of technical and agronomic visits to optimize your irrigation system and support your staff.

As you build experience with your irrigation system, having Netafim Experts on hand to solve problems and optimize execution makes an enormous difference.

How ASP works

  1. You purchase and operate your irrigation system
  2. Netafim delivers a pre-planned series of technical and agronomy visits
  3. Visits cover system optimization, maintenance planning and staff training
  4. Renewable annual contract

Regular support all year round

With ASP you benefit from a planned series of visits from Netafim experts throughout the year. It is a reassuring way of getting the support you need as your team gains experience in system operation.

A completely optimized system

Netafim technical experts ensure your system is fully optimized. They’ll also draw up a preventative maintenance plan for you covering daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual maintenance tasks.

Support from the Netafim agronomy team

You will receive support and advice from our agronomy team. They will help you draw up a comprehensive irrigation and fertigation plan suited to your crop, soil, climate and business goals.

A simple annual contract

With ASP our aim is to equip you to run your irrigation successfully yourself. So our ASP services are offered on a shorter 1-year contract that you can renew each year.

Ready to grow?

Ready to grow?

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