Irrigation as a Service

Irrigation as a Service

IaaS is a pioneering Netafim solution. For a fixed monthly charge you receive a perfectly irrigated and fertigated crop without the responsibility of ownership, operation or maintenance. The irrigation system is installed, owned, operated and maintained by Netafim for your benefit.

Iaas is an innovative and reassuring solution for major new agricultural investments. It enables you to focus on your business while Netafim’s agronomy experts manage the success of your crops.

How IaaS works

  1. Netafim takes full responsibility for irrigating and fertigating your crops
  2. Netafim designs, installs, operates and maintains your irrigation system
  3. IaaS is charged on a monthly basis
  4. Netafim supports you on a long-term basis (5-10 years)

Turning irrigation from Capex to Opex

IaaS delivers the financial benefits of precision irrigation without the complexities of a capital investment. The full cost of irrigation is turned into a simple and predictable operating cost you pay monthly. There is no other model like it on the market.

Securing your ROI

By leaving your irrigation to the experts you’re gaining the reassurance your system will work from Day 1 without the usual learning curve. It provides peace of mind and a faster return on your agricultural investment.

24/7 peace of mind

IaaS provides continuous irrigation operation and maintenance, with a 24/7 irrigation and fertigation schedule managed by a Netafim irrigation manager.

No depreciation

One of the big benefits of IaaS is that you are not absorbing depreciation costs in the way you would if you owned your system.

Reduce your hiring costs

With IaaS you eliminate the cost and time it takes to find and hire your own irrigation experts. Netafim will cover this, lowering your risk and freeing up your time.

Cutting-edge digital farming and precision irrigation

At Netafim we have 250 registered patents, and another 150 patents pending. We are at the forefront of digital farming and fertigation.

Ready to grow?

Ready to grow?

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