Manual Line Flush Valves

Manual Line Flush Valves simplify the folding and unfolding of thin- and heavy-walled driplines during the flushing process.

  • Eliminate potential stretching and shrinking across diverse irrigation applications
  • For row crops and open field vegetables (e.g. berries, corn, cotton, etc.)


  • Greater water & labor savings due to easy assembly and installation (open/close mechanism)
  • Low-maintenance operations – driplines remain clean due to effective flushing
  • Uniform system performance – additional EPDM band to eliminate dripline stretching

High-level specifications:

  • 2 models – “Flare” & 0.5” male threaded connection
  • Suitable for all driplines wall thickness & diameters (with proper adaptors)
  • UV resistance
High-level specifications:
Product page

Product page

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