ScreenGuard™ Filters:

Bigger. Tougher. Better.

Groundwater or harsh water can pose a real challenge to the efficient operation of your irrigation system and the productivity of your investment. Thanks to the industry-leading filtration area and low back-flush cycle, ScreenGuard™ automatic, semi-automatic and manual filters ensure uncompromised filtration, flow uniformity and higher yields, while significantly lowering operating costs. This offers superb protection when irrigating with sprinklers or single season driplines in any water conditions, as well as with multi season high flow driplines in relatively fair water conditions.

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They have approved ScreenGuard™ Automatic filter as the champion!

Whether they live in the U.S., Turkey or France, ScreenGuard™ automatic filter has changed the life - and crops - of growers and farmers all over the globe. 

Watch the testimonial video to hear it straight from the field! They call ScreenGuard™ automatic filter the champion for a reason!

When should you choose to use ScreenGuard™ filters?

Screen filters are highly recommended for irrigation using poor quality water, for heavy-duty usage, and in the following conditions:

  • Primary filtration for well water and/or single use dripline applications in multiple water sources
  • Primary filtration for micro and open field sprinkler applications in various water sources
  • Primary filtration for landscaping applications
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What makes ScreenGuard™ the leading screen filter in the industry?

  • Bigger is Better. The largest filtration in the industry prevents more dirt and sand particles from entering your irrigation system, reducing the risk of clogging and sub-optimal flow rates.
  • Grow with confidence. Gain greater peace of mind, knowing that your irrigation system is running at maximum efficiency.
  • Less costly maintenance. By requiring less back-flush cycles, our screen filters save you time and money on routine cleaning and maintenance.
  • Designed around you: From 2” all the way up to 14”, and with various micron rating screens, you are sure to find the screen filter that perfectly fits your needs.
  • Plug and play. Screen filters arrive fully assembled, keeping onsite preparation and set-up costs to an absolute minimum.
  • Built to perform. The filter body is made from high-quality carbon steel with a phenolic coating that protects against rust, and the cover and piston are made from a durable anti-corrosion composite material.


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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Contact a filtration expert to learn which ScreenGuard™ filter is the best fit for your needs