Irrigation protection powered by 3-D technology

Disc filtration is depth filtration, making it the most effective filtration for surface water, and water containing organic contaminants. Thanks to a special design of the disc's grooves and a 1-backbone structure, Netafim’s disc filters offer the industry's highest filtration efficiency – stopping 3 times more dirt particles than the competition. Watch this video explaining why it's the perfect solution for growers who need high-performance irrigation filtration with a smaller footprint.

Disc filters | Netafim

The Spin Klin™ advantage - superior protection across every dimension

Being the world's experts in irrigation, we know what it takes to prevent clogging, ensure uniformity, and protect your irrigation system.

  • Better dirt removal that stops 3 times more dirt particles than competitors, thanks to the unique design of its disc grooves
  • Higher filtration area that ensures less back-flushing and better protection with less wear & tear and in addition to better irrigation uniformity
  • Built to work hard owing to a unique single backbone structure with less moving parts and anti-corrosion materials
  • Modular design provides flexibility and the ability to expand the system
  • Easier field installations with a small footprint
  • Conserves water and energy due to the short and efficient backwash process
  • Two different spines for accurate design of filtration area and flushing cycles
  • Unmatched service and support for thousands of systems sold worldwide and best-in-class agricultural and technical support

Spin Klin™ Disc Filter- operation and maintenance

Timely maintenance of Automatic Disc Filters is vital to prevent clogging or partial clogging that can impact system longevity, crop uniformity and ROI. Thanks to our series of “How to” videos for Automatic Disc Filter Maintenance, you can now watch an easy-to-follow guide to carrying out regular maintenance and solving common issues.

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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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