Netafim Circularity Programs

Helping growers dispose of their end-of-life driplines without polluting the environment, a win-win for farmers and our planet.

Our Mission: Zero Waste in Farming

As leaders of the irrigation industry, we see it as our responsibility to spearhead the approach to zero waste in farmland by implementing our plastic circularity programs across the world.

Sustainable agriculture powered by circularity

Our circularity programs reduce the number of driplines that end up in landfills or are improperly disposed of in the environment. This helps to reduce pollution, and conserve natural resources. We see plastic as an asset, not a disposable resource.



Driving circular innovation with ReGen™

We aim to eliminate dripline pollution in farming by partnering with our customers to collect and recycle their end-of-life driplines. The regenerated material is then incorporated into new driplines. To facilitate this process, we either operate our own recycling plants or implement our circularity programs through third party facilities.

We understand that for circularity to happen, it must be commercially viable, so we have developed a value proposition that benefits all stakeholders.

Stopping Plastic Pollution is a Global Priority

At Netafim we have been leading by example with our approach to the circular plastics economy as recommended in the new UN Environment Programme report. ​ Also, the UN Sustainable Development Goal # 12 calls for ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. When we implement the circular economy model on our plastic waste, and reuse it in our products, we actively work to align our business with this important goal.

Netafim is committed to using at least 45% recycled content in its global drip line manufacturing processes by 2030.

Netafim Circularity Global Impact


Netafim Israel has operated a system for dripline collection since 2004. Over the years, Netafim has cooperated with various recyclers in Israel to process the material for the purpose of incorporating it into various products.


Netafim Mexico invested in a strategic project to obtain independent recycling capacities. In October 2022, we inaugurated an advanced local plant equipped with top-notch recycling technologies. The circular project in Mexico also includes rolling services, collecting pipes from the field, renting rolling machines and buying from sub-suppliers.


Netafim Turkey has been purchasing recycled materials from a local partner since 2013. As of 2022, Netafim Turkey began to collect driplines and deliver them to the recycling facility.


Netafim acquires recycled plastics from a local technologically advanced supplier who serves as our strategic partner for promoting the quality of recycled plastic.


Netafim Australia have partnered with a local recycling facility since 2004 as part of the Recoil plan to collect used driplines from the fields

Fresno, California, USA

Our California-based recycling facility was founded in 2007. In 2019, Netafim USA introduced  the industry’s first agriculture dripline containing recycled content with the launch of Streamline X ReGen.

Netafim Circularity Global Impact

Circularity Simplified

Disposing of used irrigation driplines in an environmentally responsible way is easy. Watch these three how-to videos and learn how to simplify the insertion, extraction and retrieval of driplines.

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