Commercial greenhouse Farma Bezdínek

Commercial greenhouse Farma Bezdínek

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The challenge

Bezdínek Farm represents a groundbreaking project in the Karviná district, a region with the longest-standing highest rate of unemployment in the Czech Republic. These modern high-tech production greenhouses, covering a total area of 14.5 hectares, now provide employment opportunities for more than two hundred people, significantly contributing to the local economy and demonstrating the company's commitment to sustainability. They supply premium taste and quality tomatoes to the shelves of Czech stores 365 days a year. It is an exemplary project of sustainable agriculture that minimizes resource consumption while avoiding the use of chemical pesticides.

Project details

Country:Czech Republic

Type: Glasshouse

Crop: Cherry, cocktail and truss tomatoes

Size:14,5 ha

Results: 6000 tons tomatoes per year



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By utilizing modern technologies, we minimize the consumption of water and energy per kilogram of cultivated tomatoes, contributing to the utmost protection of natural resources. Our partnership with Gakon Netafim is vital in achieving our goals in local food security and sustainable development.

Jiří Stodůlka – Grower, co-owner

Commercial Greenhouse project summary

In 2018, a special greenhouse project was initiated in the town of Dolní Lutyně in the Czech Republic. This project, divided into three phases (Phase I 5.2 ha, Phase II 6.0 ha, Phase III 3.3 ha), serves as an exemplary model of sustainable agriculture that minimizes resource consumption while also avoiding the use of chemical pesticides. Pest control is managed naturally through biological protection. This is one reason why they can boast the first prestigious international certificate for pesticide residue-free products in the Czech Republic. The project has made a significant social and economic contribution to a region with a high unemployment rate by providing stable employment for more than 200 people. It also contributes to the diversification of the Czech agricultural sector and reduces the need for vegetable imports.

Project services:

  • Venlo type greenhouse
  • Screen installation
  • Heating installation
  • Warranty and post-warranty service


365 days

Locally grown fresh tomatoes 365 days a year.

Reduce resources

Amount of water and energy used.

About 6 million kilos

Certified pesticide-free tomatoes per year