Commercial greenhouse with two levels

Commercial greenhouse with two levels

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The challenge

Huazhong Group faced a unique challenge in Laiyuan County, Hebei China, where they aimed to develop an efficient and innovative agricultural space. The project site, situated on a hill with a significant elevation difference of 4 meters, required a creative approach to land use. The primary objective was to design a high-quality greenhouse that could not only maximize the limited space available but also support the cultivation of both tomatoes and mushrooms. Additionally, the group sought a solution that would allow them to effectively showcase their produce within their store, thereby integrating the processes of growing and retailing in a seamless and smart way. 

Project details

Country: China

Type: Glasshouse

Crop: Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Size:60 000 m2

Results: more cost-effective use of space by designing two levels in the greenhouse, and optimal plant growth via automation.



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When we encounter problems, Netafim responds and deals with problems in a timely manner, the execution ability is still relatively strong. Overall, the cooperation was very pleasant.

Bo Wen - Central China Group Xinge agriculture manager

Commercial Greenhouse project summary

In 2023, a new greenhouse project started in Laiyuan County, Hebei Province. This project is part of China's effort to improve farming and bring new technology to agriculture. The greenhouse covers an area of 6 hectares, with 1.6 hectares already being used to grow tomatoes. The goal is to produce about 350 tons of tomatoes every year. 

Gakon Netafim is using advanced technology to make farming better in China. The greenhouse is special because it's built on a slope, with one side 4 meters higher than the other. The lower side has two levels: the bottom is for growing mushrooms, storage, and a working area, while the top is for growing tomatoes. This smart design makes the most of the space and cuts down on building costs. 

The greenhouse is fully automated, which means it uses machines and technology to control everything. It has special lights, heating, and systems for planting. It also uses Netafim precision irrigation to water and feed the plants. It also has a system to add carbon dioxide, which plants need to grow, and equipment for picking and packing the tomatoes. The greenhouse is divided into different areas for growing, picking, and showing the products. It works well with Huazhong Group's plan for the area, combining farming, selling, and showing off what they grow in a smart way. 

Project services:

  • Engineering services
  • Venlo type greenhouse
  • Project management


Annual production of 375 tons of string tomatoes and 12.5 tons of mushrooms. 

Consistent and efficient treatment outcomes.

Save 9500 tons of water annually.

The irrigation water is sourced from on-site captured precipitation, while the screening system enhances energy efficiency.

Reduce by 33%