Greenhouse of the Reichenspurner Family

Greenhouse of the Reichenspurner Family

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The challenge

The challenges surrounding energy costs, climate change, and global supply chain issues make it difficult for supermarkets to provide customers with vegetables. The Reichenspurner family wanted to supply these customers with fresh produce in a sustainable way. Sustainable energy supply via the sun and geothermal energy makes it possible to harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers regionally all year round, even during the colder months.

Project details

Country: Germany

Type: Glasshouse

Crop: Tomatoes, paprika & strawberries

Size: 320 000 m2

Results: High yields and quality produce year-round, 100% saving in water, and minimal use of fertilizers

Large-scale polyhouse project


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"Our focus is on resource-saving and climate-friendly production. In the future, we will obtain our entire heat requirement from our geothermal plant."

Thomas Reichenspurner from Reichenspurner Hof.  

Reichenspurner family greenhouse Areal view of greenhouse

Commercial Greenhouse project summary

Completed in less than a year, Gakon Netafim helped develop a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility (including a packing hall, technical area, and modern administration building). Designed to optimize every aspect of cultivation, rainwater is the only source of irrigation due to high rainfall in the area, and beneficial insects are used for pest control. Bees ensure optimal fruit development through pollination, and a photovoltaic system supplements the electricity supply via cogeneration. Waste heat is used for heating and CO2 produced in the process helps plant growth, making the energy usage efficient. With our greenhouse, the Reichenspurner Hof can now offer locally-sourced products all year round!

Project services:

  • Venlo type greenhouse 
  • Screen installation
  • Heating installation

Results achieved

365 days

Locally grown fresh products 365 days a year.

More than 50%

Low carbon footprint due to CO2 neutral cultivation.

3 vegetable types 

On peak days 30 tons of tomatoes, 15 tons of paprika’s and 15 tons of strawberries can be delivered to a supermarket within hours.

birdseye view of Reichenspurner greenhouse

More success stories

Kazakhstan, Cucumbers and tomatoes

Kazakhstan, Cucumbers and tomatoes

“Importing fresh vegetables was too expensive. We had to find a way to produce them locally.”

Vietnam, Melons, leafy greens and other green vegetables

Vietnam, Melons, leafy greens and other green vegetables

“Our customers were looking to buy fresh, locally grown produce all year round.”

South Africa, Blueberries

South Africa, Blueberries

“The OptiGrow greenhouse gives us more control over our berry crop, even in OUR challenging climate, while helping us to achieve fantastic yields season after season.”



Learn how we can help design and deliver your next greenhouse project.