Wastewater Treatment in a Commercial Greenhouse

Wastewater Treatment in a Commercial Greenhouse

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The challenge

Treating wastewater comes with its set of challenges, particularly when the focus is on sustainable treatment solutions of the wastewater sludge. Huber Technology tackled these issues by building a greenhouse dedicated to solar drying of wastewater sludge. Sustainable energy supply via the sun makes it possible to reduce CO2 footprint and cost reduction.

Project details

Country: Hungary

Type: Glasshouse

Size: 3264 m2

Results: more cost-effective handling, transporting and disposal by reducing the sludge volume



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Utilizing our solar drying greenhouse for wastewater sludge is a great approach to sustainable waste management. With the invaluable expertise of Gakon Netafim, we've unlocked a method that's not only efficient but also environmentally conscious.

Lukas Müller - Project Manager of Huber SE

Commercial Greenhouse project summary

Completed in less than a year, Gakon Netafim developed a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility. Designed to optimize every aspect of sludge drying. The aim is to create an eco-friendly approach to minimize wastewater sludge and recover nutrients. This method not only reduces sludge but also provides an economical way to either dispose of it or use it as a soil enhancer.   

With our greenhouse, Huber SE is realizing an environmentally friendly solution for sludge reduction - for a simple and long-term operation, less traffic for trucks, and less disposal costs. 

Project services:

  • Engineering services
  • Venlo type greenhouse
  • Project management


365 days

Consistent and efficient treatment outcomes 365 days a year.

Reduce by 75 % 

Reduce disposal mass about 75%



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