The challenge

To enable the production of high-quality conventional and organic fruit vegetables in a protected environment despite sub-optimal climates.

Project details

Country: Germany & Austria

Type: Glasshouse

Crop: Tomatoes, peppers, strawberries & cucumbers

Phases: Phase I (2015) & Phase II (2019) & Phase III (2021)

Size: 22 ha

Project summary

In the initial phase, Gakon Netafim had been involved in developing a glasshouse facility for the production of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables for the Steiner family. The Steiners’ goal was to grow natural, fresh products in a sustainable way; economically, environmentally, and socially. This also meant growing locally produced products, which are consumed by the local population.

After a successful first project in 2015, Gakon Netafim continued to collaborate with the Steiner family in 2019 and 2021 by designing and implementing a customized growing environment with advanced techniques that delivered premium quality yields all year round. 

With our unique energy concept, environmentally friendly production process and short distribution channels, we produce sustainably in all areas. Gakon Netafim made this possible for us.

Results achieved

365 days

Locally grown fresh products 365 days a year.


Low carbon footprint due to CO2 neutral cultivation.

Project services:

  • Venlo type greenhouse 
  • Screen installation
  • Heating installation