Partnering for Sustainability: Water-wise Sugarcane Farming for Ethanol Production

Partnering for Sustainability: Water-wise Sugarcane Farming for Ethanol Production

We offer a host of advantages, including continuous technical support, access to resources and training. 




Growing sugarcane sustainably in a low rainfall, drought-prone area through precision irrigation  

Netafim is proud to be one of several important "GreenFuel" corporate partners. The operation has been implementing Netafim’s subsurface drip irrigation SDI solutions on a large percentage of its sugarcane plantations since 2017. Currently, "GreenFuel" has 5000 of their total hectares of sugarcane under subsurface drip irrigation, with plans to place another 5000 hectares under SDI in the next four years.


Project Scope


Irrigation Design

Drip irrigation technology supply and installation

Agronomic and operational on-site training

Full-time support in maintenance and audit execution

Turn-Key Solution and support for sustainable results

GreenFuel partnered with us to implement a sustainable subsurface drip irrigation system for high-sugarcane production in a drought-prone region. Our collaboration included supplying advanced technology and providing essential expertise. Key to the project's success was our full-time on-site team member who oversaw the installation, operation, and maintenance of the system. This commitment highlights Netafim's dedication to quality and support.

Grow more cane. Every season.

Grow more cane. Every season.

Results Achieved

Reduced erosion, water run-off and weed growth 5% more ethanol per ton of sugar | Less water - 6mm per day